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Shut Out Opposing Opinions

There is a local media story about the New York mass shooter. One of the comments on the story was “Why didn’t a good guy with a gun neutralize him before he killed?”

I typed a great answer: “Because NY has made sure that very few good guys can carry guns. Especially not in black neighborhoods. It is a difficult and expensive process that requires a visit to a judge and must be repeated every 5 years. Despite having similar populations, Florida has ten times as many concealed weapons permit holders than New York.
On top of that, New York doesn’t allow anyone to own magazines that hold more than ten rounds. The bad guy in this case ignored that law.”

That comment lasted less than 20 minutes before it was “deactivated” because it violated the community standards. Since the left can’t defend their ideas with logic and facts, they resort to all they know how to do- shut down the debate.

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They hate opposing opinions. They hate it even more when those opinions are right and theirs are wrong.

you can’t tell the truth in their world… it goes against everything they believe in…

‘You can ignore reality but not its consequences’ – to paraphrase – can’t be banned or deactivated.

F*ck ’em, you wrote it, they read it and despite your comment being deactivated, it can’t be unread. Let it live in their minds rent free.

Friends, the power of the press to propagandize or simply memory hole damning facts is why THE Socialist-Democrats, and their Uni-party allies ARE WINNING.

During the Revolutionary War the British mistakenly thought it a “Purely MILITARY Affair” and “A Wiff of Grapeshot” would calm them down thus didn’t bother to control the media of the colonies.

Thus, the manufactured outrage about the “Boston Massacre” and the proud propaganda of whatever small successes the Rebels had stirred the hearts and minds of the population that was undecided about the revolt against the crown.

The some 60-80% of Joe 6 pack that simply want to be left alone, the rebel use of the media created anger and outrage kept some from betraying the Rebels to the British, some shunned or drove out Loyalists to the crown out to Canada and a few actually decided to join the rebellion.

If you doubt this look toward the US Truckers Revolt. What happened? Did anybody know it was really going on? Also look towards the Jan 6th folks *still* in prison until they confess to something and do time.

Aside from ourselves (a small number compared to Joe 6 Pack) who even cares they are imprisoned?

The power of mass media. SO FAR, they are NOT Suffering ANY Consequences for these actions, are they?

We laugh about “Liberal Echo Chambers” but should look into the mirror to see how we can DO better in getting OUR Messages out. We make awesome Memes but aside from the Converted laughing about them what % of Joe 6 pack ever sees them?

I often wonder if like the rebels pasting messages on public places at night to get folks to read and TALK About them as the British tore them down, might be our message delivery.

Memes like the “I did that” Joe Biden stickers are really pissing off the liberals and creating chatter about what’s really going on in my area.

That is why I think that blogs like this one are so important. Important enough that I am spending my own money to maintain a dedicated server to make it happen.
Anyone who wants to share server space on this server can do so. I just ask that they help out with some of the costs by giving me $25 a month to maintain the space. The only rule that I have is no porn. That way, we avoid a lot of legal issues, and besides, porn sites are resource hogs.

Divemedic you run an excellent blog but the problem is Joe 6 pack (aka the some 60-80% of leave me alone Americans) who listens to CNN doesn’t read it.

Thus my comment about how effective placing Joe Biden “I did that” stickers have gotten a lot of chatter around the coffee pots in my area.

Even Bernie fans have been talking about them in the local coffee shop while I smile and order a cup. But they are talking up about how Bernie would be the better President. Seems a bit of a divider between liberals recently.

Is there copyright limits on reproducing memes as posters and sticking them on telephone poles? I’m pretty sure local liberals will soon figure out a law app to make it a arrestable event but 🙂

After all they manage to get the police to arrest Parents protesting peacefully at school boards lately.

We can await the effects of 2000 Mules and see if the 1984 memory hole burns it up also. So far zero discussion even when I bring it up. Folks laugh and show what GOOGLE shows when they smart phone it at the coffee house. Happily, the military gave me a tough skin so laughter doesn’t bother me.

Meanwhile I plant more potatoes as Holodomor is an excellent way to control people. Starving freedom folks are not for long effective.

There is no man so blind as those who will not see. You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can’t make him think. I know that this blog can never reach as many eyeballs as the MSM, but we all do what we can.
My efforts aren’t limited to this blog.
I have posted the stickers on gas pumps.
On the HOA board, I refuse to let Karens try and make homeowners remove “FJB” bumper stickers from cars, and “Let’s Go Brandon” flags from yards.
I take people out shooting for the first time. Converting new people to the gun culture, one shooter at a time.
I post comments on news sites, even when they get deleted, some people still see them.
Our job is to make the signal pervasive. Look Brandon’s poll numbers. The message is getting out. People KNOW that things aren’t as they are being told. They are hungry for the truth. Not everyone, but the percentage of those who are is growing.
Be patient, be relentless, be kind while doing so. You will never convert the die hards. That isn’t my target. Susie Soccermom is.

At some point the targeted disabling of media operations needs to become a priority. That means a combination of going after their IT systems, studios and transmistter sites, satellite uplink locations, even their live remote vehicles if one sees them parked on the street. Not necessarily destroying them, just creating enough mischeif to impair or completely stop them from disseminating information.

A potato shoved way up the tailpipe or a cordelss drill to the gas tank of a remote truck takes that unit out of service. Many live remotes now use system that operates over cell networks rather than direct microwave link. Jam that localized cell site signal, and nothing gets back to master control. Make it difficult or impossible for them to operate and get their garbage on the air. Hell, disable the personal vehicles of staff (on air and behind the scenes) to leave a tv or radio operation so short staffed they simply can’t produce anything.

You see a reportette out on location? Nail that bitch with a water balloon full of something that stinks like shit, but is otherwise harmless. Maybe a massive stink bomb concealed in close proximity that forces them to bail.

A vehicle witha exterior speaker playing the sound of gunshots nearby to scare them shitless. Make a scene behind them while the camera is rolling. Slip some homeless weirdo who hasn’t showered in a month $20 to hassle them. Make it so they won’t dare go out in public anymore. Get inventive.

I think Michael Collins would be proud of those tactics.

The Giant is strong but has but 1 tounge, only so many fingers and toes, 2 eyes and ears.

Without them he is less dangerous.

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