My ARNP son has told me that the facility where he works is running out of N95 masks. So they are issuing one mask and a paper bag to each employee. They are to keep and reuse their mask as necessary.

He is convinced that this outbreak will be the same as all of the other scares: SARS, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Ebola, etc. He is blaming the media for whipping the country into a frenzy.

I am not so sure. At this point, the freezer is full, and I am pretty sure that we have all of the supplies we need to last more than a month in quarantine without having to dig into the freeze dried foods. I have a large box of N95 masks in storage that I bought a couple of years ago during one of the previous virus scares.

It isn’t just food, Make sure you have toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and needed medications. The best news here is that all of it is stuff that you would buy anyway, so it won’t cost you more than normal, you are just buying all of it in advance.

Just in case things get much worse, don’t overlook security for when the redistribution warriors decide to go midnight shopping. 

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