In discussing the election and how the loss of Ginsberg will affect it, a lefty had this to say:

Let me be crystal clear… there is no scenario where Trump replaces the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Remember what you people did to President Obama when He nominated Merrick Garland? President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will nominate the next Supreme Court Justice. Even your Republican Senators like Romney are refusing to vote until after the election. Case closed.

I responded with:

Romney, Murkowski, and Collins didn’t vote for Kavanaugh, either, so I am not surprised. Either way, the loss of those three would make it a tie, which Pence would break. You are also assuming that Biden will win the election.

Then he used the childish threat that Democrats think is their Ace in the Hole:

Biden is going to win … and you best hops so. do you know what’s going to happen if Trump wins?

The American public has bought as many guns in 2020 as are usually bought in an entire year (25 million so far and counting)? In fact, Americans have bought over 300 million guns in the past 20 years.

There is a nationwide ammo shortage, despite the fact that more than a billion rounds a year is made or imported? Why do you think people are buying so many guns and so much ammunition? The gun ranges and clubs have been closed all over the country for most of the summer because of COVID, so it hasn’t been to practice shooting. Ammo is now too expensive to waste at the range. Even low quality 9mm is selling at close to 80 cents per round. Primers to roll your own are selling at nearly $100 a brick. 

All of this points to an America that is in possession of three times as much ammo as was expended by the entire US military during World War 2. The private gun owners in the US would outnumber the largest military in the world by a factor of ten to one.  

We had all better hope that the Democrats don’t decide to get violent because of a Biden loss. The American people are so heavily armed that the second Civil War will make the first one look like amateur hour. The loss of life will be truly horrific. It would become a war of one zip code, one neighborhood against another. City versus rural. 

What are the cities going to do when the lights go out? The taps no longer run with water? When there are no longer any deliveries of food, fuel, and other supplies? What are rural areas going to do when the citizens of those cities come pouring out, looking for food and willing to kill whoever they need to in order to get it?

The Democrats need to think long and hard about that course of action. That road doesn’t go where they think it does. 

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Anonymous · September 20, 2020 at 2:50 pm

I understand their frustration at not getting their way; it's similar to the four-year-old throwing a tantrum on the supermarket floor when Mom won't buy him candy. Eventually, though, through proper influence from the adults the kid learns to improve and control his behavior.

I really, really, really hope the semi-adults on the Left take a step back and reconsider their position; the sell-by date on their attitude and behavior is getting pretty damn close.

If their only option is violence and destruction, then that will be the only option for us as well, and I very strongly suspect we'll be much better at it; it won't be skateboards at 3 feet, it'll be 168 grains at 400 meters, and it won't stop raining lead until we're sure the threat has been resolved.

If the Left insists on posing a severe and substantial threat to our civilization, once it starts there will be no reason for it to stop as long as that threat exists. This is a cage match where only one side will walk out alive, and you're not in the cage by yourself, you're in it with us.

And, yes, we're talking Hunter-Killer Squads; anyone who appears to be a threat will be dealt with. The number of non-Left people who are reaching their limit on Leftist tantrums and emotional bullshit grows daily. Not all of them will strap on battle rattle and work the streets, but quite a lot will support those who do.

A huge amount of blood, sweat, effort, lives and money has gone into building, establishing and maintaining a very successful civilization – it's where we live, work, raise our kids, earn our livlihoods and share our lives and successes. Do you really think we're going to stand back and let you destroy it because you didn't get what you wanted politically, or whomever was elected isn't going to give you more free stuff, "free" stuff that we have to pay for, or social programs that will destroy the civilization we've built – and which you enjoy the fruits of?

Please, I'm begging you, sit down, take a breath and think about it. If you insist on remaining on your present path you won't wind up winning a country, the absolute very best you might be able to do is rule over a small part of a charred wasteland. You have absolutely no conception of what widespread armed conflict in the 2020 United States means; it's beyond your ability to imagine.

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