I went to Amazon to order a new Master Bench Block for an AR-15. It is a tool. It is not a firearm, a firearm part, or an accessory. Apparently, anything that is related to the AR-15 has been removed from Amazon. Brownell’s and Midway USA both have them.

The reason that I began shopping with Amazon is that they were convenient and had whatever I needed at a good price, all on one website. Since that is becoming less true every week, I will resume shopping on other sites. My guess is that Amazon is making some companies very happy.

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Miguel GFZ · September 26, 2019 at 4:15 am

Real Avid still has his Amazon page up. However, they are flipping the finger to the bot by not mentioning AR-15 but .223. I have noticed the same strategy in eBay.


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