A man allegedly shot up the Dallas Police Headquarters this morning. According to police, his name is James Lance Boulware. It turns out that he has a felony criminal record from 2013 for Felony Domestic Battery, and he was making comments about “shooting up schools and churches.” He also reportedly complained about religion, Jews, Christians, and Korea. At the end of the argument, he reportedly fled with firearms, body armor, and ammunition.

I am not sureif he was convicted, pled out, or whatever, but even if this was pled to Misdemeanor DV, he was a prohibited person. What always gets me about these shooters is that it always turns out that they had previous serious brushes with the law, and the law always lets them go free.

Plan on this being used to push for the nationwide pistol license bill, which would require that everyone apply for a license and be fingerprinted to purchase a handgun, even through a private seller. Isn’t it funny that every time a new gun law is proposed, an incident occurs that is tailor made to push its agenda?

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