I think that Joe Biden is going to be our next President. I will vote against him, but I think that the tactics of COVID, BLM, and Joe’s handlers wisely keeping him out of the public eye will ensure that he will be sworn in as our next President.

Note that we are exactly four months from election day, and the Democrats still haven’t announced their VP pick. I think the VP pick is a secret weapon that will be announced in such a way as to present a real problem for the Trump campaign.

Could you imagine HRC as Biden’s VP pick? He can’t be so foolish. He would need a food taster for every meal, and who would volunteer for that job? Could he possibly pick Michelle Obama to be VP? Even Barack Obama could be his pick. (Remember that a person can’t be ELECTED more than twice to the Presidency, but it says nothing about succeeding after being already elected twice.)

The person he picks may very well wind up being President. In fact, depending on who the pick winds up being, it could be likely that he resigns or is removed relatively quickly.

Either way, I now feel that the Republicans are likely to lose control of the White House.

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