Anti American left Crime

Yes, you are

Portland residents ask the police, “Are we a lawless city?” Of course you are. What did you think would happen when you got rid of the police? Dumbasses.

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Well, duh.

Simple test. If you are a lawful city, people can walk down the streets saying pert near whatever they want against the dominant paradigm without being accosted or run over or otherwise attacked. And if an attack occurs, it will not be followed by rioting and looting, instead being a one-off attack that is quickly suppressed by police and a functioning judicial system that will prosecute the attackers to the fullest extent of the law.

If that doesn’t happen, well…

It is an ideological game. The “Woke” think trhat police trigger crime and that “they” will eventually settle down and be peaceful after the “White Supremacy” is removed. Foollish, because humans don’t behave that way. In the mean time, the downtown will be cleared of the “normies” and the surviving businesses so that the area will be fit for the colonization by the new “Illoegal” population. Hey! Compton showed that it could work.

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