There was a man in Missouri who murdered a police officer. He was convicted and sentenced to die. The story would end there, but his 19 year old daughter wanted to be there with him when he died, but was denied because she wasn’t yet 21. The daughter claims that the justice system failed her. Of course you know that I have some thoughts on this.

First, the convict was 37 years old on the day he was executed. His daughter was 19, making him 18 when she was born. She has a 2 month old child. Three generations of welfare recipients- children having children. The mother in this case was killed by her boyfriend when the daughter was 4 years old. It seems that the black men in this story are all about violence and death.

Second, the reason why he got the death penalty in the first place. Williams had punched his girlfriend. When the police showed up to arrest him, his brother fled on foot and collapsed of a heart attack, which was caused by a genetic defect. Williams blamed one of the cops for the death, ambushing and killing him by shooting him multiple times. Williams confessed to the murder and was sentenced to death. Of course, the leftist lawyers all cried about how the process was races ‘n sheeit. Williams claims that it was due to his mental illness.

The daughter is an advocate against capital punishment. The family’s reverend says that there were other ways to handle this. In full disclosure, I oppose the death penalty as well, but only because I don’t trust the government to get the right guy. In this case, they did. She is an advocate against the death penalty? Why not be an advocate of black people committing violent crimes or murders? Then the death penalty would be wholly unnecessary.

My feeling here? No one in this scenario seems to even consider what the police officer and his children went through. No one considers that Williams was a violent criminal with a history of committing violent felonies. So he found religion as his execution date came near. So what? He wasn’t sorry for what he did, he was sorry that he got caught. How many crimes were prevented by his incarceration and execution?

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Exile1981 · December 5, 2022 at 9:34 am

Was he turning his life around? Was he about to release his 1st rap album? Those are the usual excuses for carreer criminals of a certain ethnicity.

    Big Ruckus D · December 5, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    He was studying rocket science in prison and was going to invent the ship that got us to Mars. Now we’re hopelessly stuck here on planet fucktard.

    At least his momma predeceased him so we didn’t need to suffer the indignity of seeing her in a homemade t-shirt bearing his mug while hanging with jessie jackson and ben crump doing the race hustling extortion side show they are famous for. All while proclaiming he wuz a good boy who dindu nuffin. Of course, this was all pre St. trayvon of the skittles, so that scam wasn’t yet fully developed, luckily for us.

    Smart assery aside, fuck this guy. Despite my intense distaste for the police, johnson got what he had coming, almost 20 years too late. And I’m well familiar with the case, as it occurred near my AO. And mental illness? Yeah, I guess if you count an under developed brain as such.

    The officers family meanwhile has been stunningly quiet all these years, not that I’d expect them to be mugging publicly for attention. But it does reveal quite the fundamental difference in attitude and style between them and those advocating for the (now late) perp.

Matt · December 12, 2022 at 5:42 pm

Not defending this guy or his daughter just pointing out that not all people who have kids at 18 are welfare recipients. I had my first at first at 18 and my second at 20. I more than qualified for welfare as an E-4. Never received a dime of help for anything. This guy was a POS and the world is a better place without him.

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