4096: That is how many hotel rooms were leased out for the night when Obama went to the G20 conference in Australia. The cost for rooms alone was $1.7 million. It makes me wonder a couple of things:

1 Were there really over 8,000 staffers that are absolutely necessary for a one day conference? They were staying double occupancy, right?
2 At an average cost of $415 per room, the Deputy Under Secretary of Whitehouse bed linens was staying in a nicer room than the average national leader. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott opted for the thrifty $270-a-night Rydges hotel, while Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe required just $170 of public funds for his stay at Novotel. China’s Xi Jinping came closest to Obama’s bill, spending $1,450 on his room, followed by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, whose room cost British taxpayers $1,070.

Just last spring, Obama went to Brussels with 900 of his hangers on, bringing along 45 vehicles, 7 helicopters, 4 jumbo jets, and a $10.4 security bill for Brussels

 This goes along with the 46 car motorcade (plus motorcyle escort) that travels every time the President wants to take a ride across Washington. Things like this are less about security and more to show the peasants who is boss. After all, it isn’t THEIR money being spent.

This is all reminiscent of a medieval king. 

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