The cops here in Florida ignore the same laws that they enforce upon the rest of us. They (correctly) believe that they are above the law. The press here is on the case, and has been for months:
CBS news
Sun Sentinel part one, part two, part three
Miami area Blogs are on it
Orlando area blogs, as well

There are a lot of dishonest, criminal cops out there. I say criminal, because like a criminal gang, they engage in intimidation and retaliation when honest people come forward to make things right. An FDLE investigator recently concluded an investigation in a crash that killed 11 people on the Florida Turnpike, concluding that the Highway Patrolmen were at fault. The tires on his personal car were slashed at his home, and a copy of his report was left under his windshield wiper. It is obvious that this was done by cops, because the home address of law enforcement are kept secret from mere mortals, meaning that the only people who would have had access to this information are other cops.

Thin blue line, indeed.

So this group of people carries weapons, intimidates law enforcement and witnesses, engages in illegal acts, and takes millions of dollars from people. Sounds like a gang to me.

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