My sister called me last night. She works as a teacher here in Central Florida. She was contacted earlier in the week by her Principal because the mother of one of her students contacted the Superintendent’s office to complain that her son was being “targeted” by his teacher, as evidenced by his poor grades and discipline problems. The district office is sending an administrator to my sister’s school, so that they can meet with my sister, her Principal, and the parent to discuss the problem.

The problem? The kid is being suspended for calling another kid a “nigger” while they were at lunch. My sister isn’t the one who wrote the referral, the Principal is. My sister, as the teacher, was required to email the parent, as per district policy. The mother was very angry and claimed that her child “doesn’t even know that word.” She then demanded that my sister call her so they could discuss it. My sister wisely refused, and wants everything dealt with in writing. So that is why the parent has complained.

As soon as I heard “targeted” I knew without being told that this was a black student who was going to throw down the race card. I told her that, since this was a discipline meeting, she was entitled to have her union representative there as a matter of Federal law. I don’t really like a lot of what the union does, but in this case, it’s important to remember that there will be two administrators and a parent there. You will be alone, and need a witness there that will be somewhat impartial.

When I told her that, my sister replied, “Oh, no. The principal told me that this wasn’t a meeting where I would be disciplined. It’s just an informal meeting.” No. There is no such thing as an informal meeting when there are multiple administrators in a room with a parent making racism accusations against you. You are white, and that means you are guilty. If either of those administrators can avoid trouble by tossing you in front of that bus, they will do it without a second thought. That’s when my sister said, “Oh my principal is black. She told me that she knows I am not a racist.”

Oh shit. It was at that point that I began to wonder whether or not my sister should bring not just a union rep, but a lawyer. If this woman wants to claim that racism is why her child is failing and getting in trouble, the only white person in the room is going to be the target.

Racism is a serious charge for a teacher. Not only will it cost you your job, it can cost you your teaching license. There goes your career, and my sister doesn’t have the looks for only fans.

I’ve seen this show before. I know how it turns out. You can win, but you need lawyers, representation, witnesses, and money. I got in that fight back in 2016, and I wound up quitting and going to a different school. The old school then tried to have my professional licenses revoked. They failed and I won, but it cost me nearly $10,000 in legal fees and I wound up switching jobs.

I don’t think that my sister has that kind of money.

So when the meeting happens this week, she will have a union representative there. At least she took my advice. She usually asks for my advice, then goes in a different direction. Then she comes to me and wants advice on the situation that she got into because she didn’t follow my original advice. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

NHL Players’ Pushback Against Woke Nonsense

Several NHL teams are catching static because their players are refusing to wear rainbow themed uniforms during pregame warmups. The league declared an annual ‘Pride’ month to honor faggotry, and now some of the players are refusing to drop to their knees. (see what I did there?) The left is trying to cancel them, calling them names like “coward” because they won’t honor this woke garbage.

I thought that sports teams were supposed to support the political statements of their players, or does that only apply when they are kneeling during the national anthem?

Garbage, Not Science

I saw this a week or so ago, and wanted to comment, but hey, lots of things going on. There is this study being talked about that claims resumes with they/them listed as pronouns are more likely to be overlooked than other resumes. It’s a garbage study. Let me explain:

The flaw lies in the methods of the researchers. They sent two sets of identical resumes in to prospective employers in an effort to test “whether or not the inclusion of gender-neutral pronouns impacts how employers perceive resumes.” Both featured a gender-ambiguous name, ‘Taylor Williams.’ The only difference between the test and control resumes was the presence of gender pronouns on the test version. The test resume included “they/them” pronouns under the name in the header.

The flaw here is obvious. In order for a study to be valid, you should conduct the test with the control having only one difference from the test. That difference is called the dependent variable. In this case the dependent variable is the presence or absence of preferred pronouns, NOT the presence or absence of “they/them” as opposed to “he/him” or even “she/her.”

So all they have proven is that people who put preferred pronouns in their resumes are less likely to get hired. They set out to prove that nonbinary applicants were being discriminated against, but all they managed to provide was evidence that employers don’t want the drama of assholes who insist that everyone use their preferred pronouns. It’s my guess that, should the study be repeated with the other pronouns, the results would be similar. The last thing that a company needs is some woke gender pronoun warrior running around, creating drama and potentially suing because they were misgendered.

Companies don’t like drama, they don’t like getting sued. Companies are funny like that.


It probably isn’t constitutional and most likely won’t pass, but Republicans in the Florida Senate have proposed a bill that would outlaw any political party that actively had a platform supporting slavery. The only party in Florida that supported slavery is the Democrat party.

It’s obvious that this is nothing more than a ploy to make sure people know that the Democratic party is the party of slavery and the KKK. It’s also pretty damned funny.

That’s a Bold Plan, Cotton. Let’s see how it works out for them.

The leftists in the Blue cities want to starve the red states out economically until we submit to their socialism and gun control. The Civil War that follows is going to be epic. Larry Correia cuts to the quick in his usual outspoken style.

Olbermann is one stupid son of a bitch.

Woke Mob Cancelation

The Hallmark channel, just like most other channels, has been overrun with gay characters. It seems as thought it is a requirement that every show have at least one gay character. It turns out that this is indeed the case, as the new Great American Family network, which has been described as ‘the God-and-country alternative for holiday entertainment,’ is discovering.

Stars have left Hallmark because of its bend to the right and loss of traditional family values, so they could join the new GAFN. Hallmark released its first film with a gay couple prominently featured, The Christmas House, in 2020. The new GAFN network announced that they will focus on ‘traditional marriage’ instead of gay couples, and the woke army is already attacking them for it.

Every time someone accuses the left of having or following a “gay agenda,” the answer is always “there is no gay agenda.” I think that we can put that to rest. Step out of line, and the Gay Mafia will make sure you get canceled.


This week has seen the left going apoplectic over Elon Musk buying Twitter and saying he will reinstate many on the right who have been banned. The left is claiming that they will leave Twitter while loudly stamping their metaphorical feet on the way out.

They will do no such thing.

Just like their threats of leaving for Canada, and their claims of becoming so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ they are 100% full of bovine excrement. When we on the right are denied a voice, the left takes away our hosting services, they take away our ability to have a domain name, they take away our access. Then they tell us, “If you don’t like it, just go create and build your own Twitter and Facebook.”

So we try to do just that, and they take away your domain name. Then they deny your would be users the ability to download your app from their app stores, then they deny you webhosting service.

Elon Musk has done none of that. All he has done is say that he believes in free speech. The left still has the ability to say what they wish. They can still avoid hearing what they wish at the touch of a “Block” button. As they told us, it’s a free country. There is nothing stopping you from starting your own Twitter. Except when there is.

The next argument that we had thrown in our faces was “Twitter, Facebook, and the like are private companies. They can ban whomever they choose.” Having the power to ban whomever you choose carries with it the ability to NOT ban whomever they choose.

The tolerant left hates when people have or express an opinion that is different from their own. They hate that to the point where even this blog in its little corner of the Internet causes people to enter spastic fits of comment posting rage that are so incessant that even when they are banned from posting, they continue to send threats and insults by email, and when those are ignored, they begin posting comments on other blogs, attempting to continue the argument.

The left doesn’t just want to have its own voice heard, it needs to silence the voices of everyone else. This is a sign of a weak philosophy or faulty idea. If your system of beliefs is so weak that it cannot stand against opposing ideas, then it mustn’t be a very robust system.

I have to say that the left losing its collective mind because they can’t just go out and start their own Twitter is giving me a schadenboner.