So we can do this now, right?

Ron Desantis pushed for a law to stop companies from doing the following:

Ban unlawful employment practices to include training requirements by companies that teach any of eight “forbidden concepts,” including:

  • that individuals should be discriminated against based on race, color, sex or national origin
  • members of one race, color, sex or national origin are morally superior to members of another race, color, sex or national origin
  • an individual, due to his or her race, color, sex or national origin, should be discriminated against due to actions committed in the past by other members of that race, color, sex or national origin
  • the idea that virtues such as merit, excellence, hard work, fairness, neutrality, objectivity and racial colorblindness are racist or sexist
  • a person is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive based on their race, color, sex or national origin

The law was intended to stop companies from teaching that white people are the cause of all of the problems in America, according to the left.

A Florida judge just struck down the law, saying that it is an unconstitutional violation of free speech. So now, according to this ruling, I can teach my employees that it is OK to discriminate against black people because they are morally and intellectually inferior to white people, and also because blacks are a race of criminals who are inherently racist because they are black? Of is this another law that will only be enforced against white conservatives?

Not Racist or Sexist

Everyone but the one person responsible. It’s like they are all children. Who are they? The left, of course.

Domestic abusers blame their victims: “Look what you made me do!” That is the case here, as the left begins to blame the US for Brittney Griner’s prison term.

At first, the blame was placed upon the Russian cops who failed to read her Miranda rights to her, despite the fact that there are no Miranda rights in Russia. Then it was the injustice of the Russian court system. The race card was tried. None of it worked.

So now the left blames the NBA and income inequality because LeBron James makes $43 million a year, but Griner only made $200K because gender inequality. The only way that Griner could make good money, they claim, was for her to play in Russia. Bullshit. If Griner were even half as good as James, she would be playing in the NBA. Teams would love to have a talented player for less money. No, Griner makes less than Lebron for one simple reason. Women can’t play sports as well as men. That is why women don’t get paid as well. It’s why there have to be different leagues for men and women. If that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t need separate sports for men and women and trannies wouldn’t be kicking woman ass in every sport. The women don’t get paid as much for the same reason why minor leaguers don’t make as much as major league players: they aren’t as good.

I have a couple of acquaintances who play professional basketball. One plays in the NBA. Whenever he is in the area, we pay him a visit if he has time. The other wasn’t as good of a player, so he plays in Europe. The guy in the NBA is making millions of dollars per year. The other doesn’t make nearly that much.

Griner went to Russia to make money. Not because of sexism. Not because because she is black (most basketball players are).

Val Demings

Val Demings is running for Congress against Marco Rubio. She is running this ad:

She is trying to run on her record as a cop, so she can syphon off some law and order supporters. Let’s talk about her record as a cop. She was the chief of Orlando’s police department from 2007 to 2011. Her husband Jerry Demings was Sheriff of Orange County, the county where Orlando is located. He is now the mayor.

While she was police chief, her department had constant problems with police officers committing violent acts against the people who live there. Like the time in 2008 when a cop pushed this woman down the stairs:

After pushing her down the stairs, he falsified her arrest report and lied about what had happened. Officer Trinidad lied in the arrest affidavit and stated that Jessica Asprilla spit on him and was intoxicated when she fell down the stairs. Ms. Asprilla was eventually arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (a felony) and resisting an officer. Later, in a deposition, Officer Trinidad stated that she intentionally threw herself down the stairs. Because it was caught on film, the charges against the woman were dropped, and the department had to discipline the officer.

The woman wound up suing the department, but complained that she would frequently have cops follow her in plain clothes, sometimes telling her to “watch your back.” One of those instances was actually caught on film during a news interview. She won her lawsuit, but was only awarded $4700- the amount of her medical bills. The officer still works for the OPD.

The Internal Affairs unit declared that he should receive a 16 hour unpaid suspension, by way of having two vacation days taken away. Chief Demings decided that the punishment should be reduced to one vacation day. For felony battery and perjury.

Even worse, the Orlando Police Department was in possession of the video of Officer Trinidad’s actions and never turned it over to the State Attorney’s office so they could make a proper decision whether to charge Jessica Asprilla for the allegations made by Officer Trinidad. The chief herself lied and covered for the rogue cop’s actions.

Demings also once had her service handgun stolen from her police vehicle back in 2009, even though city policy prohibited storing firearms in unattended police vehicles. She disciplined herself by sending herself a strongly worded letter. Her excuse was that she had children visiting her and wanted to keep it secure. Apparently, a house with 2 high ranking cops in it can’t afford a gun safe or even a lock box. The story has since been washed from Orlando media archives.

There was also the case of Daniel Daley, the 84 year old World War 2 veteran with no criminal record who walked with a walker. He was thrown to the ground by an OPD officer so hard that his neck was broken. His offense? He was arguing with a cop who said that he was illegally parked. Witnesses said the man was not aggressive. He sued and won $880,000 for that attack.

“The punishments were so minimal and so light for so many years, probably preceding Val Demings, that officers basically had impunity to punish people and get away with it,” said one local attorney. I can believe it. Don’t forget that she was one of the leading candidates to be Biden’s running mate in 2020. Here is a great example of OPD’s culture:

Armed in Florida?

JKB over at GunfreeZone posted this:

So? This is Florida. One in eight Florida adults has a concealed weapons permit. Adjust for the number of Democrats in the Palm Beach area, and any group of people in Florida containing more than 4 non-democrats more than likely has at least one armed person in it. The cops know that, and also know they are not likely to have a problem unless they are the ones who start it. Don’t want trouble, don’t start trouble.

The protesters at the site number roughly 100 people. No one is concerned about violence. Heck, even lefties are driving by and taunting the MAGA crowd.

“I hope they are going to be held accountable for January 6th,” Hennessy said. Hennessy and a friend drove past the former president’s residence blasting, “We Are the Champions,” according to her Facebook post.

This is the press just trying to eg people on.


Many people are up in arms about Britney Griner receiving a nine year jail sentence for smuggling marijuana into Russia. The most numerous claim I have seen is that the sentence is out of line with the crime she committed, or that the sentence was politically motivated. That is immaterial, as the nine year sentence was not out of line with what other people in Russia have received for the same crime.

Griner also complained in court that no one read her her Miranda rights. That is just class A stupidity. A person has no rights in Russia, and even if they did, Miranda is a US court decision under US law and wouldn’t apply in Russia. Griner is supposedly a college graduate, even though I could find no mention of her major. Every article I could find only talked about her accomplishments as a college athlete and not as a scholar. With her applying logic like this, it had to be a degree in something inane and easy so that she could qualify for sports.

What makes her claimed defense under Miranda even worse is that the MSM then ran with that, claiming that this raised “procedural questions about her arrest.”

All of those defenses became moot when she pled guilty. Admitting guilt would mean that she was going to face the full wrath of the court. A court, I would add, that she denigrated in the press every chance she got. I am sure that they were not inclined to go easy on her after that.

People need to understand that the rest of the world isn’t the United States. These morons take a knee to protest the US, claiming that it is fundamentally unjust without stopping to consider what the rest of the world is like. You think 9 years for drug smuggling is harsh?

Do you remember the teenager who got caned in Singapore back in 1994 because he stole some traffic signs and vandalized 18 cars? Americans thought that was harsh, but sentence was carried out.

In Iran, you can be executed for being of any religion except Muslim.

Speaking of Iran, it is one of the ten countries that officially allow executions for being homosexual. There are other countries that executed homosexuals, but it is unofficially carried out. Saudi Arabia has executed people for that offense as recently as three years ago.

Try going to North Korea and saying that Kim Jong-Il was lying when he claimed to have played golf once, where he got 5 holes in one, and finished with a 34 before he declared that the game was too easy and resolved never to play again. You will get life in prison if you are lucky.

Go to China and protest against the government. Take a knee during the Chinese National Anthem before declaring that the government is oppressing you. See what happens.

So Griner, who spent years taking a knee during the National Anthem because she believed that the US was unjustly treating blacks, has an all new perspective on what justice means. Or she should, but I am betting that this self important knucklehead hasn’t learned a thing from all of this.

Well, she has nine years to think about it.