War on the Right


Hey! Military investigators- while you are purging the Military of people who express political opinions, why don’t you investigate this idiot?

You won’t, though, because he isn’t on the right. Yes, he is an idiot. He calls for the military to mutiny and “point our weapons at the people who keep killing black people.” The police kill a dozen or so black people a year. That isn’t even a single weekend in Chicago. Wanna point your weapons at those who kill black people? Point them at other blacks.

Police State Power Grab

Where from here?

By now, the entire country knows that Chauvin was found guilty of simultaneously accidentally and purposely killing George Floyd. Anyone paying attention knew that this would happen. Why? Because potential jury member likely to view the case on its merits and give Chauvin a fair trial stayed far, far away from this case and its potential for doxxing and mob violence against any jury that acquitted Chauvin. This left only the jurors who would vote guilty either out of revenge or a sense of self preservation.

Even though most of my readers knew the outcome of this trial before it even started, the question is: “What effect will this have on the country?” To answer that question, all we have to do is listen to the people in charge.

The NAACP says that policing is going to change. I concur.

A former NYC police commissioner says “We still have a long way to go, but the death of Mr. Floyd will accelerate and make much more comprehensive that process of change, and you see it already in the sense of the president of the United States, the vice president, tonight, speaking out in support of the legislation they’ve filed.”

Speaking of the Biden administration- they applauded the verdict, then proposed legislation that effectively destroys law enforcement in this country. I can hear some of you cheering now, but if you think that this will in any way make us more free or be good for the country, you haven’t been paying attention for the past year. Oh- most telling of all is the fact that the law does not apply to Military Police, the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, or to Federal Protective Details. I wonder why that could be…

All of this tells me that I was correct- we are seeing steps to destroy policing in this country so that it can be replaced with a Federal Police Force. Perhaps they can call it the “National Keep Violence Down” force. The abbreviation is cool, too: NKVD.

It is plain that things are going to continue to get uglier as time goes on. Keep your powder dry and your batteries charged.

Police State Power Grab

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020

The Biden administration introduced legislation that redefines deadly force to include “multiple discharges of an electronic control weapon.” That’s right- more than one discharge of a Taser is the same as a gunshot. It goes on to prohibit police from investigating other cops for use of deadly force. It grants to the US government the power to set universal standards that all US police agencies must adhere to- including standards on use of force, traffic and pedestrian stop policies, and even controls hiring and recruitment, dictating that police departments must engage in the “hiring and recruitment of diverse law enforcement officers who are representative of the communities they serve.”

That same law prohibits arrests in schools, dictating “restorative justice” practices instead of arrests. This will make our schools even worse than they already are.

The law defines “less lethal force” to include even pointing a gun at someone, and then prohibits the use of that force unless all reasonable alternatives have been exhausted.

The law goes on to prohibit the Federal government from giving firearms, ammo, silencers, vehicles, acoustic equipment, aircraft, drones, and other equipment to police.

It spells out that people must be notified when a body camera is recording and they then have the right to refuse being recorded.

The law goes on and on. In other words, the police will be effectively neutered.

Except that the law does not apply to Military Police, the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, or to Federal Protective Details. Go figure.

Silence the opposition War on the Right

Clear Message

A cop getting fired for donating money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund sends a clear message: cops don’t have freedom of speech. Hackers are busy doxxing everyone who donates to causes that they do not approve of, and the left wing media then hunts them down and destroys their life.

Crime Criminals Police State Purge of history

Lynch mobs

Andrew Branca talks about the intimidation of the jury in the Chauvin trial, and he made some points that struck a chord with me. First, let me start with the relevant quote from the esteemed Mr. Branca:

If it cannot be expected that Chauvin can get any fairer a trial elsewhere in Minnesota than he can in the rage-mob surrounded Hennepin County Courthouse, the solution consistent with the “justice” any of us would want for ourselves or anyone we care about is not to compel him to endure an unfair trial where he is.

That is the point- if a person who is accused of a crime cannot receive a fair and impartial trial under the law, then the law has become nothing more than a codified lynch mob, and we can forget about calling our legal system a “justice system” because there will be no justice of any kind to be had.

The whole point of a trial is that the evidence is heard- both for and against- and then a jury decides whether or not the person is guilty of a crime. If we are to decide that a person is to be punished before the trial is even held, thereby making the trial a mere formality, then why bother with the trial at all?

Is that really what people, especially black people, in this country want? Are we to return to the days of lynch mobs? I fear for the times, the trials, and the tribulations to come. We are truly seeing the end of this republic, of very civilization itself, at least on the North American continent.

What comes next will be horrific.

Rigging the vote

The Payoff

A Republican who was willing to sellout and voted to impeach Trump is probably going to be anointed as the next governor of New York, now that Cuomo has fallen from favor.

Cuomo was becoming too much of a force in the Democrat party, and the Harris administration couldn’t have a challenger for power, so Cuomo was politically eliminated. The Democrats need token Republicans who can be used for claims of “bipartisanship” but can also be controlled like the cucks that they are. Who better than a guy who values his chances in the next election so much that he will sellout if he thinks it will benefit his election chances?

Now that the Democrats have proven that they can outright steal an election and then publish a news story in Time Magazine admitting it and no one will stop them, no one gets into office over their objections. The ballots that were used to game the election in 2020 were a rush job, with Biden getting votes on ballots that had no down voting. Expect that to change in future elections. The next time, they will begin printing ballots weeks in advance. They will select the tame candidates from the President all the way down to dogcatcher.

John Katko has proven that he is tame and will vote as he is told to by his left wing masters.

Government Republicans

Republicans are anti-American

Some Republicans wanted to start an “America First” caucus. Then the Republican leadership shut them down. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted this in response:

With that tweet, Americans are on official notice: Our elected officials are no longer interested in representing the people of this nation. There is no longer a political or diplomatic solution to be found to avoid what is coming.

Criminals Power Grab

Destroying the police

The left has to destroy local and state police so that they can replace them with Federal police. They need centralized control so that they can consolidate power into one location.

So they advocate for “fixing toxic police” and “unbundling” police departments. The more they do that, the more crime and lawlessness. Once that happens, people will clamor for the Federal government to step in and “fix” the problem.

Power Grab

SCOTUS update

Just one day after my post on packing the Supreme Court, the Democrats have decided not to wait for Biden’s commission to pack the court. They are going to announce a bill on Thursday to expand the court from 9 members to 13. Of course this means that Biden would get to nominate 4 members to the court, and would give them an 8 to 5 majority an every issue to come before the court.

I know some Republicans would be saying, “The next time the Republicans get a majority, they could simply increase the SCOTUS from 13 to 17.”

After watching the last election, does anyone think there will EVER be another Republican majority?

Communism Police State Power Grab War on the Right

Federalizing the police

Try to find any information about the number of National Guard troops currently deployed in Washington, DC to guard the capitol. The information was there yesterday. It doesn’t seem to be available today. Almost like we are not permitted to know. The last I saw, it was 2,500 troops authorized until at least May 23. The Capitol is fenced off like this:

Nancy Pelosi has selected the commanding General of the Washington, DC National Guard as the Sergeant at Arms, or head of security for the Capitol. The Military is now in charge of Capitol Security. (Of course, Pelosi is claiming that she would have fought off the attackers in hand to hand combat. Big talk from a woman who fled with her armed secret service detail.) The Capitol will be a walled fortress, staffed by armed troops, just like this famous building:

I also would like to know how the Vice-President was giving orders to the Army, seeing as how he isn’t in their chain of command. Doesn’t seem to me that his orders would be lawful ones.

The National Guard troops in the Capitol have formed a QRF, which they recently deployed. Note in the picture below that the QRF has no firearms, and there are no armor panels in their plate carriers. At least three of the eight members of this squad have mags in the ammo pouches. Does this mean that they are only armed with riot gear for this specific mission, but have the option of firearms?

Meanwhile, the US military is busy purging itself of anyone who is remotely Republican or has Conservative leanings. This, coupled with a push to call all police forces tools of racist oppression, makes me believe that we are seeing the pieces being put in place for a national police force. This is typical of communist takeovers- the personnel for the national police force comes from pro-Communist forces. That’s right- BLM and Antifa will likely be the core of this new police force, if history is any guide. In fact, documents leaked in 2016 show that George Soros was planning exactly that, and has been funding BLM to achieve this goal. Barak Obama himself advocated for the Federalization of the nation’s police in 2011.

The Hill has been calling for that since last July– the Federalization of all local police. The Republic would have finally become the Empire.