Election Evidence Rejected

The Arizona report is done. They weren’t allowed access to voting machines, software, or any other details. I call shenanigans. There are three things that I believe about the 2020 election:

  1. Joe Biden is the President, and the results of the election are not going to change.
  2. There is enough evidence of shenanigans for me to believe that the election was stolen and Biden didn’t win the election
  3. Now that the first two things are true, the 2020 election is evidence that there will never again be another free and fair election in this country

The answer that we always get is that there is no evidence that the election was stolen. Even when evidence is provided, they dismiss it as ‘flawed’ and then claim that none exists. If the election was on the up and up, then why would the Democrat party spend so much effort in preventing a recount?

Constitutionalist doesn’t understand COTUS

This watchdog group that claims to be nonpartisan is recommending changes to the Supreme Court. Let’s start with a look at the group who calls themselves the Project on Governmental Oversight. They claim to be nonpartisan. OK, sure.

The Chairman of the Board for POGO is Nithi Vivatrat, who is also the CEO of a company called “Socially Determined,” a company that is dedicated to social justice in the delivery of healthcare.

Board Members include Rebecca Adamson, who is a woman that promotes “fairness” and believes that Native Americans should be in control of their own schools and education, and has served a promoter of economic independence for tribes. She is also a liberal professor teaching a course entitled ‘Indigenous Economics within the Community Economic Development Program’. I bet it’s a thrilling course.

I think you get the picture on how “nonpartisan” this organization is. Here is their position on the Supreme Court:

The “time has come for the Supreme Court to adopt a code of ethics or for Congress to impose one on it.”

Please, oh please, Mr Constitutional Scholar, point me to the portion of the Constitution that grants the Legislature the power to impose rules or a code of ethics upon the Supreme Court.

The panel also recommended increasing the number of seats on the court, imposing term limits, and having smaller panels of justices hear cases as opposed to all nine presiding over each one to break up static voting blocks.

Ah, yes. I can see it now. How would cases be assigned to these smaller panels? What would be the makeup? I am guessing that the new court would have 15 members, split into three smaller panels of five. Kavanaugh and Barrett would be on a panel with Sotomayor, Kagan, and a new justice to be appointed by Biden. The rest of the panels would similarly be divided.

In fact, Schumer is already salivating at the thought of filling him some SCOTUS vacancies. I am betting that, before the next election, Breyer mysteriously dies in his sleep, and there will be no autopsy, but the death will be ruled “natural causes” by someone who never viewed the body.


The Democrats have weaponized the courts of the state of New York. First, the used them to attack the NRA.

Now they will be used to prevent Donald Trump from ever holding another Federal Office, which was the entire point of the impeachment.

Anyone who has a shot at changing anything will be indicted in New York.

The Payoff

A Republican who was willing to sellout and voted to impeach Trump is probably going to be anointed as the next governor of New York, now that Cuomo has fallen from favor.

Cuomo was becoming too much of a force in the Democrat party, and the Harris administration couldn’t have a challenger for power, so Cuomo was politically eliminated. The Democrats need token Republicans who can be used for claims of “bipartisanship” but can also be controlled like the cucks that they are. Who better than a guy who values his chances in the next election so much that he will sellout if he thinks it will benefit his election chances?

Now that the Democrats have proven that they can outright steal an election and then publish a news story in Time Magazine admitting it and no one will stop them, no one gets into office over their objections. The ballots that were used to game the election in 2020 were a rush job, with Biden getting votes on ballots that had no down voting. Expect that to change in future elections. The next time, they will begin printing ballots weeks in advance. They will select the tame candidates from the President all the way down to dogcatcher.

John Katko has proven that he is tame and will vote as he is told to by his left wing masters.


As an atheist, I still believe that the right to worship whatever god you wish is a basic freedom that this government was established to protect. I also do not believe that the government should have the power to lock us in our homes, COVID or not.

To further establish a set of rules allowing people to leave for massages, dining out, or pedicures while prohibiting church services is an even larger violation. For that reason, I think that SCOTUS got it right in the Tandon decision. I also think that Roberts has been compromised. They have some kind of leverage against him.

Still, the left has GOT to demonize the Supreme Court so that they can get the kind of changes in the system that they are looking for. You see, they have discovered how to rig elections, but all of that is in jeopardy as long as there is a branch of government that can’t be replaced with rigged elections. That means that, if the Communists Democrats want to seize power, the judicial branch MUST be brought to heel.

SCOTUS will be eliminated in practice, if not in name. Expect to see the likes of Justice Obama, Justice Clinton, and justices who are even more extreme. For that reason, stories like this need to be written by the left.

Not voting out of this

I posted earlier that the Democrats are pushing to eliminate the caucus in favor of a more easily rigged primary. They aren’t stopping there. Today, President Biden signed an executive order, ordering the FedGov to make it easier for more people to register and to vote. Sounds very fair and reasonable, right?

Except it is intended to assist prisoners and criminals in voting.

How many of you still think we are “going to get them in 2024?”