Be Realistic

This is to the people who commented on my post of last week, and that includes Aesop. Let me address a few of the points here.

  • So we have rampant illegals entering the country. How do you stop that? Voting for Republicans? Where has that gotten us? Or do you want to head to the border and take on the cartels, US law enforcement, and the national guard? Is that the hill you literally want to die on?
  • We haven’t built a refinery in 40 years. So? Are you going to use guns and force people to build some? Vote for one?
  • You think you’re going to cause a societal collapse? How? You have a plan?

To Aesop: Yes, I believe that a collapse of this country is mathematically certain. There is no other possible outcome at this point. We are more than $31 trillion in actual debt, with another $50 trillion in mandated spending just in Social Security payments over the next decade. What do you think will happen to the first Congresscritter that proposes cutting those checks? His career will be measured in days. No politician is going near that third rail of politics. Top that off with another $4 trillion in interest payments on the debt we already have. In case you haven’t been paying attention, we are borrowing $1.2 trillion a year, and there is no motivation from either party to slow down the spending spree.

So even if you were to overthrow the powers that be, who do you put in charge? What will they do to fix it? Who in the American public will accept the fact that Uncle Sam has put away the checkbook? Will the 69 million people currently on Social Security accept the fact that the checks have stopped? How about the additional 10 million people who are due to begin collecting within the next 7 years? Will they accept the fact that there is no more money? How about the 93 million people on Medicaid? The 41 million on food stamps? 65 million on Welfare? Now I know that there is a good bit of overlap, but my best guess is that just about half of the country is receiving some form of government handout. What will they do when you, having overthrown the current powers that be, announce that there is no money?

One in 20 US adults is collecting disability. I personally know five people who are, and they seem to have no problems riding roller coasters, running marathons, and going out partying. There are lawyers out there that make a living on disability payments for “back injuries” and “fibromyalgia.” I warned my readers about this a decade ago. Then in 2016, I warned all of you that we were monetizing the debt, and it would eventually cause inflation.

Nope. Every path forward ends in one place: we stop spending more than we have.

There is no path to victory that results in a return to the good old days, whatever you consider those to be. It’s a fact. No matter who is in charge, we are broke. Republicans, Democrats, Whigs, Libertarians, it won’t matter. Once the rest of the world figures it out, there is going to be an end to the dollar as a reserve currency. Then when the general population realizes this, there will be plenty of unrest and riots for everyone to participate.

You can’t shoot your way out of this. You can’t protest it away. Mathematics and economics are cold-hearted, inescapable bitches. There aren’t any sides to join. You can’t cross over and join the side of math. Once the money is gone, it’s gone. Like a Terminator, economic reality can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with, and it will not stop until you are dead.

At the end of World War 2, this nation inherited a world where we were the most dominant manufacturing, farming, and economic nation in the world, mostly because the rest of the developed world had seen its farms and factories destroyed by warfare. This created a golden age for the US. Instead of continuing to work and maintain that standard of living, the Baby Boomers partied and spent it all on baubles and bullshit. Once that was gone, they began to borrow from future generations. It became a never ending spree of parties and excess. That’s why they won’t give up power today. They would rather be wheeled in to office looking like a moving corpse than give up power.

I have seen better looking corpses

What’s unfortunate is that we, the Gen X people inherited the world that they created, and many of us tried to continue the party, but the money must eventually run out. So Generation X, the Millennials, and the Snowflake generation are going to inherit what is left: a dying society and a pile of unpaid bills.

When all of this comes to a head, we are going to get a new nation. My guess is that we will see one of two outcomes:

  1. A nation that is made up of the territory we have now, perhaps with some losses of territory that we just can’t defend (Alaska, Hawaii, the Pacific territories, Puerto Rico, and the counties located along the Mexican border) because we are out of money. That nation will likely wind up as a dictatorship.
  2. A nation that is made up of fractured pieces of what used to be the US. I think that in this outcome, the US will fracture into ten or more regional states. Again, the Pacific territories and Hawaii will belong to China. Alaska will either go to Russia or China. Large areas of the nation, centered around the largest cities, will become third world shitholes. Going anywhere within 50 miles of places like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, New Orleans, Saint Louis, or DC will mean taking your life in your hands.

If you want to see where we are headed, look no further than this post from 2010.

It’s gonna be shitty for awhile. So my position still stands. I will, of course, entertain anyone who sees another path forward. Tell me how I am wrong, or tell me how we avoid an economic collapse, and don’t tell me how you are going to get half the nation to accept the money hose getting shut off without tearing the nation apart. Heck, half of the people who read this blog will argue about how the DESERVE their social security checks, because they paid into the system for their entire working life. People just aren’t ready to admit that their money is gone- it’s been spent already. The boomers in charge have spent it all. There is no trust fund- it’s just a file cabinet full of IOUs.


The Democrats want to continue spending the US dollar into worthlessness. The Republicans are trying to get some budget cuts in exchange, but Biden is saying his way, or default. He is laying the blame on Republicans because he is refusing to budge. The solution, some on the left are saying, is to mint a $1 trillion coin, and deposit it with the Fed.

The idea is to mint a worthless coin that has face value of $1 trillion. That way, the coin has one trillion dollars of seigniorage, i.e. profit for government, and the coin could be deposited to Federal Reserve treasury instead of issuing debt. In other words, they would be issuing new money by debasing the dollar, without generating debt in their balance sheet. It’s like issuing one trillion worth of cash, which is backed with just one worthless platinum coin. It’s not really different from just issuing debt that isn’t paid back, but this way they don’t have to raise the debt limit. This would instantly insert an additional trillion into circulation, creating a massive amount of inflation. Shenanigans like this will completely erode the trust in the value of dollar and make the dollar worth much less nearly overnight. It’s like writing a worthless check to pay your monthly mortgage payment.

This will allow Biden to continue spending money like the dollar is going out of style, which of course it is. God forbid we should actually learn to live within our means.

Trend That Explains Everything

I had lunch with a bank executive friend of mine this week. This particular executive is in charge of commercial lending, and was telling me about some interesting trends in banking. The current trendy investment for real estate is- storage rentals. This explains why companies are buying up all of the storage properties, cutting service, and raising rates. He said that building a storage facility with 250 units costs in the neighborhood of $12 million, but can be sold for double that after only two years in operation. Operating expenses are minimal, but such a facility brings in net receipts of $40,000 a month or more.

Why are they so lucrative? Well, that is being caused by current trends in Generation Z, the tranny generation. What he said to me ties together so many data points that it feels like a lightbulb just came on over my head. This is a generation that is refusing to work, yet they want all of the luxuries that their parents have without having to work for it. They still want to feel independent, so they are moving into cheap shacks built on trailers and calling them “tiny homes.”

They store their stuff in these storage facilities, and are free to live the good life, in their own “home” while still being a short walk from mom and dad’s house, where they can do laundry, grab some food, and still have access to things like free electric, free Internet, and still have time to earn a bit of extra money while out protesting for Soros cash or attending Antifa meetings.

I’ve wondered for years how they can afford to pay for the things they need without working, and now I know. Housing? Food? Utilities? It all ties in perfectly. Their only housing expense is the initial cost of the trailer house, $20K to $30K. Food and utilities are largely paid for by their parents, and their only real remaining expenses are Starbucks (most of them have a $20 a day addiction to shitty, candy flavored coffee), their cell phones, and these storage facilities. A large chunk of this generation doesn’t drive, they Uber everywhere.

Then, refusing to work, they go and protest to demand that we adopt a Socialist paradise, because Capitalist society is depriving them of all the things that they want to have.

Another Country Abandons the Dollar

Argentina is no longer buying foreign goods using US Petrodollars. They will be using the Chinese reminabi. The US Dollar is losing its position as the world’s reserve currency. The US economy is built on the Dollar being the world’s reserve currency. Our way of life, our nation, is in very serious trouble.

It is time to get rid of dollar denominated assets. Buy physical things.

  • Real estate.
  • Metals.
  • Guns
  • Ammo, food, consumables.

When the dollar falls, its purchasing power will disappear. Stocks, bonds, and bank accounts will become worthless.


News for homeowners in Florida who wish to have insurance is rough. Insurance companies can’t do business in Florida, mostly because of the high cost of hurricane damage. The average Florida homeowner is paying $4,231 for their property insurance: nearly triple the national rate of $1,544. Homeowners in Florida pay the highest rates of any state in the US. Those rates are set to increase in June by an estimated 40%, on average.

The state of Florida has a taxpayer funded insurance system for those who cannot obtain homeowners’ insurance from a private carrier. This carrier is called Citizens’ Insurance. One in five Florida homes is insured by that fund, and that number will continue to climb as insurers leave the state. Things can’t continue on this path.

Insurance is nothing but a dilution of risk. That is, the risk of damage to homes is spread out among all of the people who have insurance policies, and the premiums of everyone are used to pay the damages of those who have losses. The problem with diluting risk in Florida is that oceanfront homes are worth 50 to 100 times as much as homes located further inland. For every insured oceanfront home that is lost, the premiums of as many as 150 inland homes are used paying for the damages. Pick any coastal city in Florida and look at the home costs. A single family home on the oceanfront that sells for less than $1,000 per square foot is a steal. In Miami, single family oceanfront homes START at $20 million each.

Couple that with the fact that the vast majority of hurricane damage is within two miles of the coast. Insurance companies can’t charge $100,000 a year for insurance premiums, so they spread that cost amongst every homeowner in Florida. This can’t continue because it is mathematically impossible for the situation to stay as it is. Currently, I pay 1.5% of the value of my house each year to insure it.

If the state of Florida wants to fix the insurance problem in the state, they need to divorce the risk pool of oceanfront homeowners from the rest of the state’s homeowners. If you want to build and live in a $10 million home on the beach, fine. But make your insurance premiums 5% of the home’s value, but stop raising my insurance to cover for your house.

Shell Game

California is going to a fixed rate electrical billing system where electric rates are set by the household’s income level.

  • Households earning less than $28,000 a year would pay a fixed charge of $15 a month on their electric bills in Edison and PG&E territories and $24 a month in SDG&E territory.
  • Households with annual income from $28,000 – $69,000 would pay $20 a month in Edison territory, $34 a month in SDG&E territory and $30 a month in PG&E territory.
  • Households earning from $69,000 – $180,000 would pay $51 a month in Edison and PG&E territories and $73 a month in SDG&E territory.
  • Those with incomes above $180,000 would pay $85 a month in Edison territory, $128 a month in SDG&E territory and $92 a month in PG&E territory.

Setting aside the entire “make more/pay more” thing, this is really dumb. People will be paying between $15 and $128 per month for electricity, no matter how much they consume? Yep, that is EXACTLY what they are proposing.

Under the SDG&E plan, customers would pay a fixed price that covers most of the utility’s energy delivery service that would not change month-to-month regardless of how much electricity is consumed.  

I said to myself that there had to be a catch. It turns out that there is. This pricing scheme only covers the part of your electric bill that is sold via SDG&E.

 This portion of a customer’s bill, which is mostly related to the electricity purchased from natural gas, wind and solar plants, will continue to vary based on electricity usage. In San Diego County, nearly 85% of customers have their electricity purchased by local governments known as community choice aggregators or other entities – not SDG&E.

OK. This is just another grift, with the intention of redistributing money from one class to another, using socialism as cover.