Military War on the Right

Marching to War

I just can’t figure out who the left is more interested in warring against. As the US military sends F-22s to Europe, it seems as if it is Russia. Then I see a story where the left is looking for a Civil War where they get to purge the nation of Republicans and other despicables, and I just don’t know.



When I was in the military, split tails routinely used the fact that they are women to get men in trouble.

That’s why I don’t feel sorry for these chicks.

Military Purge opposition

Military Purge

The military continues eliminating officers for political unreliability.

Anti American left Military


They claim that AR-15 owning gun owners can’t possibly hope to fight the US military. I doubt that. The US military will be too busy protesting the lack of abortion access to worry about my AR-15.

What I want to know is when the Article 15 proceedings begin. Or does that only apply to the right?


Data Point

The US Army is changing the paint scheme for its vehicles from desert tan to woodland green. What is odd about this is that the woodland green is usually the primer for a camouflage paint scheme.

Instead of using it as a primer color like the US Army in Europe has done. In this case, it appears like the woodland green will simply be the final color. Why?

Military tyranny War on the Right

Can They Guard Everything?

Let me get this straight- the left was seriously contemplating using the military to prevent parents from addressing their local school boards?

That would piss me off to the point where I would consider this to be martial law. So let me ask this- how many troops would it take to guard every school board, every school board member, and every school board member’s family? To create a secure bubble with a radius of 300 yards, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week?

According to their Wikipedia page, the NSBA represents 90,000 local school board members and the 3,000 attorneys that advise them. So let’s say that a security detail would require 6 personnel at a time, meaning that this would require about 20 armed security personnel per member plus their families. Assuming an average of 2.5 people per school board member, the trigger pullers alone would require that the US commit something on the order of 4,500,000 troops. By the time you add in logistical and support personnel, the entire national guard and army combined would need to be deployed. Even with all of that, some school board members are gonna get smoked, if for no other reason that to prove a point.

The dumbasses on the left have no idea what they are talking about or what kind of numbers they need to do any of this stuff.

Military Police State tyranny

World Police

The US is upset that a recent court ruling jeopardizes the US in its quest to be the world drug police. I hope so. What a colossal waste of US taxpayer funds.

Duty, Honor, Sacrifice Military

An Infantryman and a Pencil Pusher

Watch this video where a BAR rifleman who fought his way across France during World War 2 talks about his experiences. Remember that he received 2 Bronze stars for his brave actions in combat. In all, he has six total decorations.

Then I want you to remember that General Mark Milley has 4 bronze stars, along with 43 other decorations. He received 47 decorations without once firing a shot at a single enemy. I would also note that his Wikipedia page is so long and complimentary, he must have had one of his staffers write it for him.


USS Rust Bucket

It was just a few months ago that I lamented the deteriorated state of the US military, including pictures of ships covered in rust. Now it looks like the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mike Gilday, wants the Navy to correct the USS Rust Bucket appearance of its ships.


Fourteen Years Ago Today

On this day in 2008, two marines gave their lives defending 150 other marines from a suicide bomber when they stood their ground, opening fore on the bomber who tried driving through their post. They successfully stopped him before his bomb detonated, killing both of them.

For their bravery and unwavering selflessness, they were both posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.