Petty Tyrants (ABN)

A member of the 21st Waitress Division (Airborne) threatened to have a disabled man pulled from a plane at gunpoint. His crime? Asking the stewardess to follow the law and make sure his wheelchair was on the Jetway, so he could use it to leave the plane.

What’s next for her? Punch a baby for crying and interrupting her during her seatbelt speech? Kick the crutches out from under a disabled child for taking too long to find a seat?

This is what happens when you give people a little power. They become little petty tyrants. When I was in the military, we used to joke around and say “What is the military gonna do? Take away my birthday? Confiscate my name?” I think that is exactly what we should do. Tell them that they are no longer “flight attendants.” You are now “Stewards” and “Stewardesses.” Keep screwing up, and we will start calling you “waitress” and you can work for tips.

Or we can just tell them that the days of threatening to have people arrested for “not complying with the instructions of a flight crew” are over, because they are now subject to being sued personally for violating the law and people’s civil rights under color of authority.

I’m Not Sure That This is a Good Idea

The Brevard county sheriff paired up with the Brevard Public Schools Chairman to announce a new discipline policy for the county’s schools.

“Not only safe from active shooters, intruders, and other potential threats to our campuses, but also from the clowns who continually disrupt our classrooms and our assemblies with bad behavior, violent acts, and even cellphones, that disrupt class room environments and distract our incredible teachers.”

Look, I am in agreement that there are some kids in school that are out of control. I just don’t like that there are no details of this new policy, and I definitely don’t think that the police are the proper tool for addressing those children. If he is talking about children who are committing big boy crimes, that is one thing, but referring to using police to control a kid who is only disrupting class is another. Read this quote and see what I mean:

“If you are a teacher that is passionate about teaching children and are sick and tired of trying to do it in an environment where you are physically and verbally threatened or subjected to constant childish outbursts, then starting today, your prayers have been answered, because all of us have had enough of this crap as well.

(emphasis added by DM)

In school, childish outbursts are expected. They are CHILDREN, after all. The teachers need to worry about those things, not police. I’m with the Sheriff on things like violence, stealing, and actual crimes. Not on kids simply being kids.

Keep in mind that this is the same school board last year that voted to restrict parents to one minute of speaking time when addressing the school board, and had parents arrested for going over the time limit. The claim was that too many people were speaking for too long, and this was causing school board meetings to last too long.

So excuse me if I don’t trust the school board to say one thing, but use the resulting rules to be petty tyrants.

Abusing Power

Where a sitting US Senator threatens an American citizen for speaking his mind:

I have three points that I would like to make about this:

  • How dare anyone that is in a position of authority in the US government think that they are in any position to tell anyone how to run a business?
  • This is a tyrant trying to silence the people.
  • This is how the Democrats are defeating fascism?

Remember how Biden called Musk a threat to national security? The communists taking over our nation mean to silence anyone that opposes them. This is right in line with the CIA insurgency manual (pdf alert), which they continue to follow, nearly to the letter.

This is Why People Hate Cops

A deputy in Columbia County, FL stops a blind man for having a folding cane in his back pocket, claiming that she thought it was a firearm. EDITED TO ADD: It’s obvious that the deputy didn’t REALLY believe that the folded walking stick in his back pocket was a firearm, judging by her demeanor when he reached back and pulled it from his pocket. She invented the firearm story because she wanted an excuse to stop and harass him. I believe that she stopped him because she had already decided to harass him and find a reason to arrest him. END EDIT

It is quickly established that her reasonable, articulable suspicion was incorrect. At this point, her legal justification for the stop is over. There is no RAS that a crime was being committed, therefore there is no reason to detain this man. Instead, she then demands that he produce identification and he refuses because he apparently understands the law better than this cop and her sergeant.

After they run his ID, the female deputy asks “Was that so hard?” The man replies, “It’s gonna be. I want your names and badge numbers,” to which the sergeant replies, “You know what, put him in jail for resisting.”

Resisting what? There was no legal reason to put him in handcuffs or demand his ID.

This is the kind of shit that makes me dislike police. The deputies know the charges will be dropped but are using the process to punish people because they know that they will inconvenience you, costing you legal fees, and retaliate by putting you into the system. We should change the law to establish citizen review committees that review police actions and give these committees the power to strip individual officers of their qualified immunity so that they can be personally held accountable when deliberately using the law as a weapon to satisfy personal vendettas.

This kind of stuff makes my blood boil.

First Amendment

If the government pays a burglar to break into your house to see what you have, then the police use that evidence to arrest you, they have just violated your right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

If the government pays a private contractor to burn down your church, or throw you in prison, or even prevent you from publishing books, your rights have been violated. It doesn’t matter if a business did it, especially if they did it at the behest of the government. If the government and businesses work together to deprive their citizens of rights, that is fascism. In fact, that is EXACTLY what Mussolini did.

With all that being said, the Biden administration has passed a regulation that bans the sale or distribution of books written by certain people, and they are getting the world’s largest book seller to enforce it.

This is a clear violation of the First Amendment, and was even used as an example during oral arguments in the Heller case. It was Chief Justice Roberts who asked “Would it be constitutionally acceptable for a municipality to ban books as long as newspapers—a viable substitute source of expression—were still legal?” The answer is no, of course.

How far we have come since then.

Gov’t Tracking Your Stuff

Last month, the FMCSA released a new proposed regulation for public comment. The proposal is for a electronic ID system that would place a transponder in every interstate commercial motor vehicle that would transmit a unique electronic ID number. This number would allow police to remotely track every single commercial vehicle and its contents. The government claims that there are no “credible” privacy concerns for carriers and drivers.

The proposed regulation takes effect in early December.

Military and Civilians

So many on the right keep claiming that the military would never fire on American citizens if they were ordered to do so. WRSA comes up with a few examples of the military firing on American citizens. They left out an important one.

The Bonus Army.

Congress had long paid a bonus to troops who fought in times of war, to make up the difference between a soldier’s full time civilian job and his soldier’s pay. Coolidge tried to veto the bonus for the troops of World War 1, but his veto was overridden.

Under the law that was passed,  each veteran was to receive a dollar for each day of domestic service, up to a maximum of $500 (equivalent to $7,900 in 2021), and $1.25 for each day of overseas service, up to a maximum of $625 (equivalent to $9,900 in 2021). Deducted from this was $60, for the $60 they received upon discharge. Amounts of $50 or less were immediately paid. All other amounts were issued as Certificates of Service maturing in 20 years’ time, or 1945.

By 1932, many veterans had been out of work because of the depression, so about 17,000 of them camped out in two Hoovervilles that were located in Washington, DC. They went there with their families, hoping to be paid the bonus that they were owed in 1932 instead of 1945. The two groups numbered as many as 50,000 men, women, and children.

 The camps were tightly controlled and well cared for by the veterans, who laid out streets, built sanitation facilities, set up an internal police force and held daily parades. A vibrant community arose, including churches in tents, kitchens, a library, and even their own post office.

They were told that the only way that they would be paid what they were already owed was to accept work in the Civilian Conservation Corps at Fort Hunt, Virginia.

Some accepted that and went to work, others did not. The veterans thought that by sitting there and refusing to leave, the government would eventually have to relent and pay them what they were owed. Instead, they were given an ultimatum: leave by May 22, or else.

Hoover ordered police to go in and clear them out on July 28, 1932. When some of the veterans refused to leave, one policeman drew his service revolver and shot two of them, both of whom were killed. General Douglas MacArthur then rolled in that afternoon with 1,000 armed troops of the 12th Infantry and 3rd Cavalry regiments, 800 policemen, and six tanks, all supported by machine guns.

Patton, who was in charge of the 3rd Cavalry, had this to say:

“If you must fire do a good job — a few casualties become martyrs, a large number an object lesson. . . . When a mob starts to move keep it on the run. . . . Use a bayonet to encourage its retreat. If they are running, a few good wounds in the buttocks will encourage them. If they resist, they must be killed.”

The infantry charge was made with fixed bayonets and suppported by the use of Adamsite (an arsenic based vomiting agent). Hoover ordered the assault stopped once the veterans had retreated across the river, but MacArthur chose to ignore the president and ordered a new attack, claiming that the Bonus March was an attempt to overthrow the US government. A veteran’s wife miscarried. When one 12-week-old infant died of respiratory complications caused by the chemical warfare attack, a government investigation reported he died of enteritis. In the end, a total of three civilians were killed, more than 1,000 were injured (some by gas, including an 8 year old boy left blind for life) and 2 police officers received injuries.

The negative publicity of the attack on its own veterans was believed to be one of the major factors in Hoover losing the 1932 election to FDR.

Not only were MacArthur and his troops willing to fire on and use chemical warfare agents against veterans and their families, in many cases the veterans who were being fired upon had served in the same units as the soldiers who were attacking them with bayonets. In the end, none of the veterans received a single cent of what they were owed, not in 1932, not in 1945, not ever.

Don’t make the mistake of believing for one single second that the military today would hesitate to kill you, if so ordered.