The Fix in In

No, not that one. I’m not talking about the 80’s band. I’m talking about how Hunter Biden has “reached an agreement” with the DOJ. In exchange for pleading guilty to two minor misdemeanor tax charges, all of the investigations against him will be dismissed and/or closed, including the felony gun charges.

An “in-your-face” show of contempt for the rule of law, Biden regime gives sweetheart plea deal to Hunter Biden. Avoids prosecutions tied to foreign bribery and the President. This is why Joe was laughing when reporters asked him about it.

It’s good to be a part of the Emperor’s family. How is the ATF going to treat anyone caught with a pistol brace? Meanwhile, the Bidens use bribe money to buy guns, crack, and hookers ON VIDEO, and they get a small fine.

IRS Agent Illegal Entry

An IRS agent used a fake name in order to enter a woman’s house and threaten her. When she contacted her attorney, the attorney advised her to ask the agent to leave. The agent refused, replying “I can be in any house at any time.”

Don’t let cops into your home for any reason. He either has a warrant or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t have a warrant, he will ask to enter. The answer to any cop, IRS agent, Fed, whatever, asking to enter your home for any reason should be “No, you can’t come in. You can contact my attorney.” (you do have one, right?) They will likely try to put pressure on you by claiming that they will arrest you if you don’t comply and they are trying to cut you a deal. Bullshit. If they had enough to arrest you, they wouldn’t be asking. If he continues to insist, say “fuck off, get a warrant.” then slam the door in his face.

If he has a warrant, he won’t ask. If he comes in after this warning and doesn’t present you with a warrant and his credentials, assume that he isn’t a real cop and is committing a home invasion.

Armed Robbery

Seward County, Nebraska has a population of less than 17,700. In 2004, the county commission was short of money and instructed Sheriff Joe Yocum to find new sources of revenue. So he did. His deputies began using any pretext to pull over out of state motorists on Interstate 80, with luxury cars having priority. Now Seward county leads the state in civil asset forfeiture. In the past 10 years, the deputies of this county have averaged more than a million dollars a year in seized cash.

It goes like this: you are pulled over on any pretext, no matter how weak. They ask for permission to search the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. If you refuse, they get a drug dog to alert on your car. Whether they find drugs or not, they take any money they find. They tell the motorist to sign a form abandoning the cash or face a felony arrest. Sign it or not, they are taking the cash and you are never getting it back.

Nebraska lawmakers made this scenario illegal in 2015, but the cops don’t care. They either file the forfeiture in Federal court, or they claim that there was evidence of drug activity. No matter what, if you have money, they are taking it. In my opinion, this makes those deputies no better than any other armed gang, and makes Sheriff Joe Yocum the head of a criminal syndicate. I would cheer if someone capped his ass, or any of his deputies.

Any cop who tells you that civil asset forfeiture is morally or Constitutionally acceptable is a tyrannical asshole, and I will cheer their getting capped as well. Even in the presence of a criminal conviction, taking thousands of dollars from someone is a violation of the Eighth Amendment. Don’t bother quoting any bullshit case on the matter. I can fucking read, and some lawyer in a black dress trying to justify his boss’ theft of the people’s hard earned money is a travesty.

To those who think that the cops or the military will take your side in the civil war that we all see coming: they won’t. They will take the side of whomever is signing their paychecks, and that isn’t you. Tell me again how most cops are good people doing a tough job. So for now, I will rejoice whenever I see that someone has killed a Nebraska criminal cop. Maybe the “defund the police” people are right. At least I can shoot criminals without having the National guard tanks called in to burn down my house with everyone in it.

I think that many people who are drawn to police work do so for good reasons. They are then captured by the lust for power and money. This is why the original Constitution purposely kept the government weak and subservient. People, however, just love having the power to tell others how to live. In order to do that, they gave the government more and more police powers. Those police agencies are now so powerful, that we are in a virtual police state. One where you can’t even be confident in your ability to drive down the highway without being robbed at gunpoint.

Book Bans

Stories abound on so-called “book bans.” The right is pulling books from school libraries because they instruct children on how to perform sex acts upon other children or on adults. It’s a disingenuous argument. Librarians are acting all offended because a school is choosing not to carry books that are inappropriate for children. The books can still be purchased by those who choose to do so. They can still be read, are still being published. They haven’t been banned at all.

Not so with other books. It was just five years ago that the left cheered as Amazon pulled a book from its store. That book, published by Defense Distributed, was the text version of the step files required to 3D print the Liberator pistol. That book was subsequently banned by a US judge. It is no longer published. It can’t be bought. No one can read it, unless they find a bootleg copy from a site like Pirate Bay.


To those who claim that the cops and military won’t confiscate your guns…

Don’t Talk To Police

Shelby County, TN. A man hears noise outside of his house. He sees thieves in his car, trying to steal it and steps outside to confront them. The thieves begin shooting, so the homeowner fires back. At least 30 shots are fired during the firefight, but no one appears to have been hit.

The homeowner admitted to police that he had closed his eyes out of fear during at least part of the gun battle, so they arrested him for reckless endangerment. Note that they have made no effort to try and catch the actual criminals. That would be dangerous and cops want to collect their pensions.

Edited to add: This is Memphis. They have a slimeball of a leftist Democrat prosecutor who literally wrote a book on how Democrats could rig US elections, where he advocated for the Interstate compact, eliminating the electoral college, and eliminating the Senate filibuster to silence Republicans.
He also has been a huge motivator in the defund the police and LGTBQ movements. He’s written articles for SLATE, NEWSWEEK, THE NEW REPUBLIC, SALON, THE HILL, and the HUFFINGTON POST.
I trust him not one iota.
He is a slimeball communist.

The Shelby county sheriff is also a Democrat elected last year. The only platform statements I could find for him were “I want to be the first black Sheriff of Shelby county.”

Yeah, so they won’t try to entrap or misrepresent anything you say. I imagine it going down like this: