Feds Now Target Catholics

The CMS, a division of the Federal Department of Health and Human services, is in charge of who and how health care providers get paid. Whatever CMS says, goes. If you don’t follow their rules, you can’t bill Medicare, Tricare, or Medicaid. You lose your Federal healthcare funding, all of it. If they say that you must do something, you do it, or you don’t get paid for providing healthcare services. It’s that simple.

Some bureaucrat who works for CMS in Oklahoma has informed Saint Francis Health System, the twelfth largest hospital in the nation, that they cannot have a Eucharistic candle in their hospital chapel because it is a fire hazard. Never you mind that this hospital has had the candle in its chapel for over 60 years without a single incident. It is not to be noticed that the Church has taken appropriate steps to ensure that the candle is behind two layers of glass, and that the installation has passed inspection by the state fire marshal’s office. Nope. This Federal employee is telling this church based hospital how to celebrate its faith.

Other people claiming to be Christians are saying that the Church is wrong, and that a wax candle can easily be replaced by an electric one. That a candle isn’t needed to praise their God. I will tell you that it is not the place of one faith to tell another how to celebrate their religion.

To say that you can worship god without following the tenets of your church is to allow those who are not a part of your religion to dictate the terms. If this were to be permitted to stand, the next rule may very well be that you can worship God without a physical church. After all, God is everywhere, is he not? Do your praying at home. Maybe they will even allow you to do so in a ‘virtual church’ on the Internet.

I make no secret that I am an atheist. However, I also will tell you that the celebration of faith is one of the fundamental rights that we as Americans have, and I will fight for any and all Americans to celebrate and support their faith. In this case, it isn’t about the candle. Reasonable precautions like having the candle being encased in the chapel have been taken, and the candle represents a lower risk than many of the pieces of equipment that are located elsewhere in the hospital.

No, this is about the government trying to dictate the terms of your life. Some petty bureaucrat makes a decision, and *poof* it’s the a law that you must obey, or else.

That isn’t the foundation upon which we built a nation. Perhaps it is time to revive another tradition- tar and feathers.


Take a look at this. Comment below.

This cop has been involved in three shootings. If there had not been a camera recording this, he would have gotten away with this beating, too. Had this man fought back, the cop’s partner would have killed him. His only real choice is to take the beating. Why? Because cops ALWAYS cover for other cops. One lies, and others swear to it.

What needs to happen is that BOTH cops need to be fired, and need to have their law enforcement certification taken for life. Then EVERY single use of force that they have been involved in needs to be reexamined.

Perhaps it is time to have an elected citizen review board in each jurisdiction. Say, a board made up of two cops and three elected citizens who review every use of force incident and every citizen complaint. If a cop is found to be using illegal force, they can file charges and yank his law enforcement credentials by majority vote until he faces a criminal trial for depriving someone of their legal rights. If found guilty, the loss of credentials becomes permanent.

Breaking: FBI Caught Lying in Court

Here is the story:

Not only has the FBI been hiding exculpatory evidence, it was also found that agents were altering testimony and documents, as well as destroying other documents, all at the explicit orders of a supervisory agent. Not only that, but it came out during the trial that the FBI was illegally intercepting communications between defendants in jail and their attorneys before then forwarding the contents of those communications to the prosecutor in the case. This is a clear violation of the Constitutional rights of the defendants.

The defense attorneys immediately filed motions in the case, but instead of considering those motions, the judge had the jury leave the room and then “paused” the trial so that the FBI and prosecutors could review this new development, or in other words, work together to get their story straight.

Corruption. The ballot box destroyed on November 20, 2020. Now the jury box is gone. What boxes are left?

A Disarmed People

So now that California residents are more and more becoming disarmed, the state feels emboldened to pass laws that redefine what it takes to toss you into a camp. The latest is a law that enables authorities to toss you in a camp if they feel that you can’t properly care for yourself.

state law allows courts to order people into treatment, but only if they are “a danger to themselves or others.” This new proposal would expand that definition to include people who, because of a mental illness or an addiction to illegal drugs, are not capable of caring for themselves or protecting their own safety.

They redefined mental illness to say that men who think they are women so completely that they have someone cut off their dick are completely rational and should be a protected class. How long before they redefine a belief in liberty or the RKBA to be a mental illness?

California Tracking

It turns out that the new electronic license plates being issued in Michigan, California, and at least one other state have GPS trackers in them, which allow anyone to track the location of the car that they are attached to. The government having the ability to track everyone all of the time disturbs me enough, but complicating this is the fact that securing them from outside parties tracking them is something that apparently didn’t occur to the company that makes them.

White hats were able to hack into the plates, giving them the ability to see the GPS location, name, address, and other information about the registered owner. In addition, they were able to alter the plates to make them appear to be dealer tags.

This is a bonanza for criminals. A robber sees someone buy something that they want in a store, so they track you through your tag so that you can be robbed in a remote location. Cut someone off in traffic? It would be easy for them to find out where you live. Is your wife pretty? Maybe they can track her home for some easy raping.

This is a major security fail. Remember, just because you don’t do business on the cloud, you are still vulnerable to cyber crime. I am not sure how I would defend against this, but the time to figure that out is BEFORE these plates become mandatory where YOU live.

More on ATF rule

Reading the text of the rule, it appears like this rule declares that all AR pistols are now considered to be SBRs and must be registered. If a firearm has the surface area to be fired from the shoulder, such as a firearm equipped with a nonadjustable buffer tube, then that will be considered an SBR, basically making every AR-15 pistol and SBR. Read the text for yourself: (pdf alert)

Whether the surface area that allows the weapon to be fired from the shoulder is created by a buffer tube, receiver extension, or any other accessory, component, or other rearward attachment that is necessary for the cycle of operations

Late to the Party

I can’t believe that I missed this story, but better late than never.

At first glance, you would not think that Nikki Fried would be suing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement because the FDLE declared that a woman was ineligible for a Florida CCW. After all, Fried is a notorious antigun asshat. But sue the Florida Department of Agriculture did.

It all started when a woman, identified by her initials of M.S., tried to get a concealed weapons permit. In Florida, it is the Department of Agriculture that issues the permits, but it is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that does the background checks. So FDLE did the background check and declared that M.S. has items in her criminal past that would make her ineligible to receive a CWP. The woman did what any of us would do and appealed the decision, demanding to know why she was denied. That’s when things went sideways.

In preparing for the appeal, the Dept of Agriculture asked FDLE to list the specific disqualifying offenses, but FDLE replied that her offenses must be kept secret due to Federal Law. Since Florida case law is explicit on this- if the Dept of Agriculture can’t list the specific disqualifying events, they must go ahead and issue the CWP.

I fully support this. If the government wants to take action against someone, they have to provide the evidence. If the providing the evidence is counter to the government’s interest, then they have a decision to make- release the evidence, or respect the rights of the citizen. There should be no “Open your mouth and close your eyes, you can trust us” stuff going on with regards to citizen rights.

At any rate, Fried’s department wanted to deny M.S.’s permit, so they filed a lawsuit against the FDLE, intending to force them to release the evidence. Now that Fried is out of office, that lawsuit has been settled out of court. I certainly hope that M.S. got her permit, or at least was able to see why not. A people cannot be free when they are subject to secret courts, hearings, laws, and decisions.