After reading stories about the abuse suffered at the hands of police that are detaining J6 defendants for trial, knowing how cops will abuse and torture prisoners, and how they are transferring them to Supermax prisons, I am not surprised at the J6 defendants that are simply skipping out on their trials and sentencing hearings:

The people who are doing this have realized that they have nothing left to lose. Their freedom, property, and likely their lives are forfeit at this point. The cops will eventually find them, and if they aren’t killed during the arrest, they will spend the rest of their lives in prison, or at least the parts of it that matter. With nothing left to lose, it’s only a matter of time before someone in this position decides to give the left the insurrection that they are already accused of perpetrating.


I know that in the past, I have said that we should leave the start date of CW2 to the historians, but I just can’t resist. I believe, and later historians might prove me wrong, but the date of the onset of hostilities IMO is January 19, 2017. That was the day that Antifa attacked the attendees at the Trump inauguration.

If you remember on my series about the insurgency and how it was following the CIA insurgency manual, you will remember that the second phase is marked by sabotage, interdiction of communication and logistics links, assassination, and selective attacks against government forces. Violence begins to be more frequent and right out in the open during the second phase. The militant wings of the insurgency come out of hiding and directly challenge the authority of the government. Not only is it the goal of the insurgents to beat the government, but to convince the people that there is no point in fighting because the insurgency is too strong. The portions of the government- local, state, and Federal, who are under control of the insurgency will allow the insurgents to continue to operate, and will even support the actions of the insurgents. The government that is loyal to the status quo is then openly challenged to a fight. If the government accepts the challenge and win, they look like tyrants, but if they lose or refuse to accept the challenge, they look weak.

The first gunshots fired as a part of the CW was on June 14, 2017, when a gunman walked onto a baseball field at Eugene Simpson Park in Alexandria, Virginia, and opened fire on Republican politicians. The shooter was a staffer from the Bernie Sanders campaign. How did the government respond? They damned sure didn’t investigate Sanders. Nope.

Instead of charging the people involved in either attack with insurrection or with interference with government and putting them in a Supermax prison as they did with J6 protesters, all of the charges were dropped.

And so it still goes. The left will do anything to win, has sided with Antifa or perhaps been coopted by them, and the right has decided to fold its tent by attacking Trump, in the hopes that they will still be permitted to have some power.


The left doesn’t get it.

Portland is Enemy Territory

A Portland jury found two Antifa members not liable for attacks on journalist Andy Ngo after defense lawyer Michelle Burrows told the jurors that not only does she self-identify as both a progressive and an “anti-fascist,” she strongly declared, “I am Antifa” and insisted upon making herself an “I am Antifa” t-shirt, which she said she would wear after the trial. Then made the statement that this would be her last trial, before telling the jurors that she “will remember each one of their faces.”

There is a reason why I have advised everyone to get out of the entire area of Portland, which can best be described as being behind enemy lines. Anyone who finds themselves in this area is advised to leave immediately, even if this means abandoning property.

There is no longer any redress available through the courts in large areas of the country. The only justice you get is what you take for yourself. As we approach another election season, expect violence to begin ramping up. Make sure that you are familiar with your area and have identified those who may be enemy combatants.

Stack Up or Speak Out

Back in the 18th century, people who wanted to be free of British tyranny had to organize and inspire those who would eventually become the leaders of the American Revolution. They did so by publishing letters and articles in various publications and newspapers. These publications ranged from pamphlets to small newspapers. The most famous of these were the 85 articles published anonymously, under the pen name “Publius,” but they were in fact written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison between October 1787 and May 1788, eventually becoming known to us as the Federalist Papers.

Back in the 18th century, newspapers were largely related to the affairs of government, whether proclamations, laws, orders, or money. This was by necessity; because of weak markets, tight credit, scare supplies, poor transportation, and irregular labor, printers who did not have a connection to government contracts had a near impossible time making ends meet. Sound familiar? We have the same issue today. The MSM publishes what they are told to publish. They say what they are allowed to say.

Reliance on government largesse shifted in the 1760s, as political items, stories, and essays about the burgeoning “imperial crisis” appeared more frequently. Starting in the 1760s the number of newspapers rose significantly, and the government had a tougher time controlling the narrative. These papers became so influential that the government of King George did all that it could to silence them. Parliament passed the Stamp Act in 1764, which taxed newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, broadsides, legal documents, dice, and playing cards. Issued by Britain, the stamps were affixed to documents or packages to show that the tax had been paid. No document could be published without having a stamp affixed to it. This was a blatant attempt to prevent the press from publishing anything that wasn’t approved by the Crown.

The Colonists responded in the way that Americans still do today when they are told not to do something: they did it harder. There were more than four hundred pamphlets published in the colonies on the imperial controversy up through 1776, and nearly four times that number by war’s end in 1783. These pamphlets varied in their theme and approach, including constitutional theory or history, sermons and orations, correspondence, literary pieces, and political debate. Together, they instructed the colonial public that political and personal liberty were in jeopardy because British imperial reformers sought to strip them of their natural rights, especially the right to consent to a government that could hear and understand them.

Speech is a powerful thing, and it is required for people who would resist tyranny. It is speech that allows people to organize. It gives them hope, it gives them the ability to protest in an organized manner. Without the ability to motivate and organize, change and resistance to tyranny becomes impossible. If one or two people resist, they go to jail. Ask the J6 protesters what happens when you prematurely try to take action.

The key political pamphlets that supported resistance from 1765 to 1776 were:

  • James Otis, Rights of British Colonies Asserted and Proved (Boston, 1764);
  • Richard Bland, Inquiry into the Rights of the British Colonies (Williamsburg, 1766);
  • John Dickinson, Letters of a Farmer in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, 1768);
  • James Warren, Oration to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770 (Boston, 1772);
  • Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of the Rights of British Americans (Williamsburg, 1774);
  • Thomas Paine, Common Sense (Philadelphia, 1776); and
  • John Adams, Thoughts on Government (Philadelphia, 1776)

Now I make no claim to being as influential or intelligent as those greats, but that is what I do here. I, like many other freedom bloggers, make people aware of what is happening. It took them decades to convince the colonists to revolt. That is why speech and “talk” is important. That’s why I support other bloggers and provide them a place to say what they want without interference. I do so at great personal risk. I recently had a group of people try to dox me. I know that I am not absolutely anonymous, and I also know that this places me at risk once things get sporty.

Even in 1767, speaking out was a risk. One of the owners of the Boston Gazette, John Gill, was caned in public by an outraged John Mein of the Boston Chronicle over an article that had been written by the former. Later, Samuel Adams, writing as “Populus,” described this clubbing not as a private affair between the two printers but instead a “Spaniard-like Attempt” to restrict press freedom.

Nearly two years later, Mein sought to embarrass the Sons of Liberty once again, this time the Chronicle featured fifty-five lists of shipping manifests revealing the names of merchants who were opposing the crown. In response, many upset Bostonians who embraced vigilantism. The Sons of Liberty had to stuff pistols in their pockets to walk the streets of Boston. A few days later a large crowd confronted the offending printers on King Street, producing a scuffle that left Mein bruised, Fleming’s pistol empty, and a few dozen angry Bostonians facing British bayonets. Mein eventually had to flee to England.

There are those who periodically come around and call me out for “just talking.” They demand that I take action. One did so just yesterday. There was a Fed who tried it in 2022.

There is an old saying: How do you spot the Fed or the police informant? He is the one urging you to break the law.

Let me also repeat what I said on this same subject, less than three months ago:

If you still feel that all we are doing here is talking and you disagree with me, feel free to go out there and stack up. Do what you think you have to do. Just don’t say that you weren’t warned, and don’t sit safely behind your computer keyboard and tell me that I am a coward when you yourself aren’t doing shit.

This post has gotten long enough and my wife is asking me to play cards with her, so let that be my final statements on the matter for this time. I’m going to spend some quality time with the Mrs.

Vivek Ramaswamy

I was listening the radio the other day, and the host was interviewing Vivek Ramaswamy. A lot of the things he had to say made sense to me. I thought to myself that I could easily vote for him.

Then I found out that he believes it’s wrong to kill animals for “culinary pleasure” (i.e. eating them). Holding an opinion like that is a deal breaker for me in a Presidential candidate. Why? If he really believes that it is wrong to kill and eat animals, he will be willing to pass and support laws and policies that make it more difficult to eat meat.

I also don’t think it will matter. I think that the elections going forward are rigged, but will continue to vote anyway, because I may be wrong and it costs me virtually nothing to do so.

Next: SCOTUS to Make Pi=3.0 For Easier Math

The reason why tranny insanity is taking hold is because of the Supreme Court. On June 15, 2020, SCOTUS ruled in 3 separate cases that Title VII of the Civil rights act applies to LGBT people, thus making men who believe themselves to be women as official super citizens who are entitled to more rights than the rest of us. This effectively places delusional people in charge.

The cases were Bostock v. Clayton County, Zarda v. Altitude Express, and Stephens v. Harris Funeral Homes. Writing for the six-3 majority, Justice Gorsuch held that Title VII’s protections against discrimination or harassment “because of sex” extend to members of the LGBT community. Specifically, Title VII prohibited firing the Plaintiffs because they were gay or transgender, because sex necessarily plays a role in the decision.

This means that the Federal government has, through SCOTUS, officially granted transgenders the full protections of the law.

It’s gonna get worse as the empire collapses.


The last great reporter of what used to be free America. There is truth in Tucker Carlson’s latest report. I tip my hat to you, sir. I can’t imagine anyone saying it better.

Above all, there was no felony. Hunter Biden, who broke federal gun laws, can still carry a gun. It’s like it all never happened. In fact, the Justice Department just baptized Hunter Biden—a lifetime of sins, washed away in an instant. It was a secular miracle.

Here They Come

Seeing as how I was the subject of recent leftist threats and attempts to shut me up, I can understand how the owner of Fenix Ammunition feels in this case:

Like him, I was threatened with cancellation, doxing, and even violence. The left is becoming bolder and more violent as time goes on. Yes, I think that the violence has escalated to a different level- rioting is not the same thing as the targeted violence that threats that we are seeing now.

We are edging closer and closer to the conflict in this country going from threats, posturing, and a few minor skirmishes to the actual initiation of hostilities. So far, the violence has mostly been one sided. I fear that it may not remain so. The coming conflict will be truly horrific.

In this case, morons are picking a fight with a guy who owns a pile of guns and a literal ammunition factory, which he opened because it was cheaper to make his own ammo to compete in marksmanship competitions. He regularly posts videos of himself shooting all sorts of NFA weapons at ranges of several hundred yards.


As I have been saying since the 2020 election, the left is following the CIA insurgency manual. One of the things that needs to happen is that anyone who poses a risk of organizing a counter-revolution must be eliminated. Leaders, loudly outspoken members of the media, anyone who is a threat.

That’s why Trump has to go. His defense has been gutted by the judge ruling that his lawyers need a security clearance, which they of course have to get from the same government that is trying to prosecute him. As Porretto says, they are denying the lawyers their clearances. This is a show trial that is designed to eliminate DJT.

Be on the lookout for disappearances. That is what comes next. Find prominent conservative citizens in your area and keep tabs on them. If they begin to disappear, you will know that things are moving along. Likewise, get together a list of left wing locals. Keep tabs on them as well. Intelligence is the best tool we have right now.