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Cause, effect

One of the many jobs I have had was at a plant that made stainless steel pipe and tube. The process was that we would buy large rolls of stainless steel, slit them to the proper sizes, then cold roll those into pipe. The edges of the roll would be welded together, then the now completed pipe was induction annealed so it would hold its shape.

We had a woman there who was in charge of QA. It was her job to test each batch of pipe to ensure that the pipe was properly manufactured. Once, the woman decertified an entire batch of pipe because the welds were faulty and had microscopic cracks in them. That batch had to go out the next day so we could meet the customer’s deadline. It was a couple of dozen tons of pipe.

Management fixed the problem by firing the QA department and shipping the pipe. Of course, the entire batch of pipe came back when the welds began to fail. Due to bad management, the company went out of business less than a year later.

I am telling you this story because there is a lesson there. One that will easily apply to the situation in this country with regards to our education. The Oregon governor recently decided that too many black students were failing tests in reading and math proficiency. To her, the obvious problem lies in the test, so the test was eliminated.

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We will soon be The North American Somalia.

How the Hell is a country suppose
To function let alone survive when its work force is Uneducated, a Waste of Air and cant figure out whats between its legs is what it is.

U.S. back to the moon amd space, are you kiddin me‽

There are going to be Generations of Wild Rabid Animals.
Body count is gonna have to go WAY up!!!

Well, at least the left is consistent. It mistakes the outward signs and symbols for the inner ability and character as being responsible for success. The diploma is supposed to say something about your abilities and drive, it’s not a magic talisman in and of itself.

This is the same reasoning that led to the housing market crash in 2008: if people who own homes are better off financially, let’s give everyone a home loan. Or what we see happening with student loans: if a degree equals a better job, let’s give everyone a degree.

All I can say is, good luck to any kid from Oregon wanting to get into a decent college with a useful degree program.

I’m QC/Ndt inspector at a local pipe mill.
We’re currently filling out or last order .
I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve been ignored.
To the point where there are no more customers.


I remember a job I was on in the 90’s, we got a load of 3″ sch 40 stainless. When it was all welded up, installed, the hydro test revealed that we had assembled a 300′ sprinkler sytem. No one could believe that that much bad pipe had gotten through QC.

If that pipe came from Consolidated Stainless, that was the company I worked for. You’re welcome.

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