The Collapse

Continued Warning Signs

The warning signs of worsening shortages continue. Things like Christmas trees, sneakers, chicken tenders, alcohol, Lunchables, coffee, and pet food are all reported to be in short supply.

Companies including AMC theaters, KFC, Starbucks, General Mills, Nike, FedEx, and Costco are all reporting shortages that will last at least through the end of the year and into the next. With the decrease in supply, there will be price increases, the law of supply and demand predicts it.

In fact, FedEx has already announced a 6% increase in shipping rates.

To complicate shortages, trillions in government stimulus during the pandemic has increased personal wealth, with household net worth up 4.3% in the second quarter while the debt carried by Americans rose by 7.9%. So not only decreased supply, but increased demand- more money chasing fewer products. Lovely.

The Fed will have to acknowledge all of this and make some drastic changes in monetary policy. When that eventually happens, everyone will claim that this new policy “caught them by surprise,” which will cause a decrease in stock prices.

The Fed can’t raise interest rates too much, because the US government simply doesn’t have the money to pay the extra interest on the $28.5 trillion that is already owed.

Things are going to get much, much worse.

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been trying to buy extra for the past month or so… I’ve seen other posts about shortages in pet food… for those with pets, don’t forget they will need to be fed also…

For several weeks now, at least, the local Sonic drive-in has had signs up warning customers they may be out of some things, or not able to customize some orders the way the customer would like, due to shortages.

Massive replacement importation and the blobs of cities expanding out to areas that were never meant to be cityscapes.
What about muh environment as we import the world for the free milk and honey?
Obviously fake bravo sierra just like everything else in Clown World.
Locally trash bags, toilet paper, coffee filters, bottled water, are in short supply or selling like hot cakes while the prices go up.

To echo Joe up above, we’re seeing shortages on the foods our cats prefer and also kitty litter. With a human, you can get the idea across that while you can’t get their preferred food, at least they can eat. With a cat or dog, not so much.

For us humans, the odd shortages of chicken wings continue. You can get thighs in any quantity, and Buy One Get One Free specials almost weekly. By contrast, wings are 3 to 4x the per pound price of thighs and often unavailable. Most of our other regular needs are there. For now.

LOL. My dogs are picky and we generally feed a mix of dry and can food. The dry is cheaper and is used to stretch the canned food out longer. However, on the odd times we don’t have canned dog food, they just get the dry. They will sniff and barely touch it, then lay back down on the couch. A few hours later they will check the food bowls again, nibbled a little, huff and lay back down. The next morning, they devour whatever is left of the dry without hesitation. Once they get hungry enough, they’ll eat it.

Oddly enough, I used the same method on my kids when they were little. If they didn’t eat their dinner, the plate got saran-wrapped and put in the fridge. When they wanted a snack later, out came the plates. If they didn’t eat it then, they got it again for breakfast. The wife eventually put a stop to it, but I still think she should have let me finish the training, it would have prevented a lot of problems later on.

And throw the chicken wings away. I put several pounds of chicken thighs on the smoker for a few hours – best damn chicken you ever ate. I don’t know how the chicken wing fad ever took off, worst piece of the chicken outside the a$$hole.

“The Fed can’t raise interest rates too much”.

Wrong. watch what happens when the cat escapes the bag.

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