Don’t post confessions

You know how not to get caught breaking the law? Don’t post a confession online. Everything that you do doesn’t need to be on there.

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if we don’t post our pathetic lives online, how will we ever get those likes we so desperately want?…this is why i don’t have fakebook or twitter…i doubt anyone wants to see pics of my shit in the toilet…

I have a fake account life on twittrapper and Facesnook. I doubt I’d be able to claim Caprica City, Caprica as my hometown now

Of course not. Everyone knows it was destroyed by the Cylons during the sneak attack.

Even if you’re not breaking any actual laws… anything you show yourself doing may eventually be held against you.
Remember, shifts in the Overton window apply retroactively, and today’s virtue is tomorrow’s abomination. Be thankful that 8mm film of your six-year-old self playing cowboys and Indians with the neighbor kids is safely hidden in the attic, and not posted on Facebook.

Social Media aint your friend.
Neither are those that make it and run it.

You get what you earn. Including this bozo.
He should divorce the broad. Dumbass women. Yak yak yak….!!!!

I have no mercy on folks that need play stupid.

Dump the Fucking Shit you nit wits!!
Or just join the Pe(D)o Party and be done.

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