I was just contacted by a contact tracer from the health department in the county where I work, because I was exposed to COVID through my in laws. My employer reported me because I told them about the exposure. They informed me that I am under quarantine for fourteen days from the date of exposure. Without too many details:

My in laws, as well as my wife and I, live in one Florida county. My wife works for a school in the same county. I work in the neighboring county directly to the north. My wife was told she could return to work after ten days, which meant she returned to work yesterday.

So I live in South county with my wife, who also works in south county. I work in North county. My wife and I were both exposed on the same day, but I am quarantined for four days longer than she is, because why?

Who knows?

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Anonymous · February 10, 2021 at 11:48 pm

The mainstream says you can’t compare numbers from neighboring counties. You especially can’t compare numbers from neighboring states which had similar case count curves but different mask/lockdown legislation, suggesting mask/lockdown had little effect.

Masks are a fraud. Did you see the study from the year 1981 where they stopped wearing masks in an *operating room*, and infection rates didn’t go up? If you want a mask that actually seals against your face, the minimum effort is one of the rubber ones with cartridges used for paint and solvents.

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