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A member of the NFAC shot a cop awhile back. The Orlando media did a story about how he was tracked down. Read the story, and think for a minute. The shooter got rid of his car because he knew the police would be looking for it, but kept his cell phone. That’s how they knew where he was.

The same station published photos from inside of the man’s house, taken during the police execution of the search warrant. One of the things in the house was publications that he had been reading. I link to a story from one of those papers. It is an interesting read and will help you understand the mindset of the NFAC and the New Black Panther Party. In order to defeat an enemy, one must know how they think. I recommend reading it. It is eye opening in its revelation of the indoctrination coming out of the black separatist movement.

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A book that I highly recommend for that very purpose is “The Art of Guerrilla Warfare” by JJ Tucker. The cover clearly depicts who it is written for and by, but it is full of insight and great info as well.

Excerpt: “Fighting a superior foe is a momentous task. There are many ways it can be done, there are many ways victories can be achieved. In war, there are no rules, there are no laws, there are only strategies and tactics. Many say what they would do in the face of tyranny, many know what they should do when the powerful become predators.
A divided people can be isolated and devoured. Survival depends upon the masses forming one mind. There is no time to weigh the importance of morality as the devil approaches. To even question any tactics that lead to victory is foolish. There is no need to ponder what the enemy deems acceptable, they occupy the opposite end of the spectrum for a reason. At war with a superior force, one has no choice but to assume the role of the guerrilla.”

I’m reminded of the very stupid “coexist” bumper sticker spelled out with the various religious symbols. There are more than a few religions where the core beliefs do NOT allow coexistence with others. The Farrakhan article linked above is just one very obvious example. If people really believed what that idiot is preaching, then we’d definitely see more of this sort of violence.

The history of the world is written in blood and genocide. It’s lunacy to assume that blood and genocide won’t apply to today’s world. We’ve held it at bay for some time, but it’s still there.

Between the Green New Deal, err, “Infrastructure Bill” passage, CoVId craziness, [and, and, and…], all seemingly oriented in destroying the economy to set the stage for sheer chaos, another reminder that there are useful idiots of all striped surrounding.

Be it in my lifetime, not my daughter’s.

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