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I could make all sorts of excuses as to why my post count is down this week: I have been watching the Rittenhouse trial every minute that I can, even while at work. I have also been working quite a few hours. I have several projects going on, etc.

But the fact of the matter is that I just haven’t felt like writing a whole lot. Maybe tomorrow.

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Take your time, you are not the only blogger on my roll. I have enjoyed reading everything you put out.

Life finds a way to get in the way.

Hey, at least the trial has provided some top notch entertanment. Not often we get to see such rank ineptitude by a persecuting attorney. Clown had his ass handed to him at least twice this week, by my admittely loose observation. The face palm was the best few seconds of TV in decades.

If there were any real justice, that guy would get a televised public ass beating for what he’s done. As it is, I really want to see St. Kyle in a position to take possession of all liquid earthly assets that sumbitch has to his name. He can go live under a bridge and suck dick for meals like his predecessor in infamy Nifong, of the Stanford fake and gay rape case.

Anyway, work comittments and a general sense of dread about where we are and are going (which has caused me to spend more time moving up various and sundry preps) have me less inclined to spend time commenting online, so you aren’t alone in lacking the juice to post right now.

I honestly truly believe the prosecution took the soros bribes with zero-zero-zero intentions of following through.
The corollary:
* bribed bureaucrats can 180° at a whim, for no reason… or to simply mess with you.
The soros bunch is discovering this, and prepping counter-measures.
I know I would.

Hang in there. This is America. We will find a way to make it work. There will be a lot of pain between now and then, but Americans are going to figure this out (eventually).

I don’t know how you bloggers do it. Watching all of this political malfeasance then writing about it day after day.
Every few days I ditch the news (real and fake) and surf my version of internet porn. Motorcycles, motorcycle parts, and motorcycle accessories.
Everyone should. Call it a mental health day(s). YMMV

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