Chicago will be opening city owned, tax payer funded grocery stores. It will be a commie style bread line. Because grocery chains are fleeing the city due to crime and theft as a result of the fact that no one gets arrested anymore, unless they are protesting Democrat communist rule.

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Elrod · September 21, 2023 at 6:04 am

Actually, from about 1000 miles away I can say “I can’t wait, that’s going to be fun to watch.”

Toastrider · September 21, 2023 at 7:39 am

First off, they’re ‘exploring’ the idea, so it hasn’t gotten off the ground yet.

(Yet. In a sane world this shouldn’t have even gotten out of the discussion.)

Second, it’ll be interesting to see if they enforce (or rather, NOT enforce) the laws the same way they’ve been doing for private businesses. Nobody stole from Soviet supermarkets because, well, (a) there wasn’t anything there anyways, and (b) there wasn’t any ‘defund the police’ crap. They’d beat the tar out of you just the same.

Lack of enforcement will result in empty (well, emptier) shelves, but bringing out the iron fist will definitely bring out all the simpering for more ‘defund the police’.

mike fink · September 21, 2023 at 7:57 am

That’s going to fail. IF they even manage to get the taxation in place, the food must be sourced, transported, and stored by professionals at market prices. The increase in the tax burden just to cater to the savages will drive out more business and the crisis will worsen. Of course the homie flash mobs and dime a dozen shoplifters are going to continue their activities in the city owned stores too, that is if there is enough available to put on a shelf. If it is more of a breadline distribution scheme, which is likely, then the pavement apes will probably get ugly after being forced to stand in line like civilized people and wait their turn for the minimal ration. The whole thing has the potential to become a social/political bomb for the mayor, as gathering the low intelligence, unproductive, and violence prone into crowds and making them wait in a line is asking for trouble. When free food aid arrives in various 3rd world shitholes, it has to be guarded through the distribution process by men with guns, and often times this is not enough to keep local gangs from taking over the distribution for their own profit. There is a reason the EBT Foodstamp program was called the “Dignity Card”.

poppi · September 21, 2023 at 10:30 am

Here in beautiful New York City, we still have “soup kitchens” …
Many churches have food distribution days, and it’s common to see long lines of people on the sidewalks, waiting patiently to get free groceries.
The food distribution system in America is a marvel of the free market. There are many cogs in this giant machine.. farmers, ranchers, processors, national and regional distributors, local distributors, supermarkets, delivery companies. They all work without any centralized organization to give consumers the best choices, the best prices, lots of variety, the most convenience.
Food Banks and Soup Kitchens offer none of those things, but they do the most to remind poor people that they’re poor, they’re different, they’re helpless; and it falsely reminds the rest of us that America is still a mean nasty uncaring country.

TheLastOfTheAmericans · September 21, 2023 at 9:09 pm

You have to admire the tenacity and diabolical evil leftists take part in when they change language to soften their absolutely wretched policies. “Food insecurity” = starving in poverty under Democrat rule. Some more I love: Houseless. Inequity. Transgender. Fascism. They will twist any and every word to cover for their gross ideology…what great Marxists they have become. It wouldn’t be so impressive if it didn’t work so damn well. They have millions upon millions of people brainwashed by it.

Karen sitting in her kitchen watching The View thinks she is virtuous repeating it. She can’t define Marxism or Fascism, but she loves it. She thinks her son transitioning into a girl is great! Yeah she aborted the first two, and is dead inside because of it, but she donated money to an NGO that is helping the poor houseless “legal immigrants” from Venezuela- so there is that. Last month she gave to Nancy Pelosi so that her 9000 year old girl boss can FINALLY fix San Francisco. Next month she is going to a Clinton Foundation fundraiser because some country in Africa needs clean water – and she definitely cares about those brown folks – that she definitely doesn’t want in her neighborhood.

It’s pathetic and basic…but it works.

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