Orlando is considering changing the ordinance that mandates bars stop serving alcohol at 2am. All the local press is talking about is that the city is planning to extend the bar hours to 3 am for those over 21 years old. for those under 21, the hours will be cut, with those patrons being forced to leave at 10pm.

That isn’t the scary part. You see, the devil is in the details. Under the new ordinance, the establishments will have to scan a driver’s license before a patron can enter the bar. The chief of the Orlando Police Department has already said that he will use the records of who was in which bar and when to track people. He claims that this will aid the police in solving crimes.

 Stuart says police want the change.  “They want it to create a safer
environment.  They want to quit having to bring in patrols from outside
the area.”

This police state shit makes me want to vomit.

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Anonymous · August 27, 2013 at 10:55 am

Downtown Orlando has been a Children's Village after 7 PM for years. Who cares what the local Gestapo does, let him stupid enough to venture there suffer the consequences.

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