Trump Knew Why

The Biden administration is trying to ‘figure out’ why illegal immigrants leave their countries. I will save you some time. It’s for the same reason why Democrats always say they are going to Canada and nowhere else when they don’t like the results of an election.

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Just watched that Red Dawn scene where the Lt. Colonel [Powers Boothe] explains the invasion to the Wolverines around the campfire at mealtime.
Hmm…so hmm.

the migrants can’t be bothered to make their own country better yet somehow we’re supposed to believe they add something of value to ours while trying to turn our country into a mirror image of theirs.

There’s no verifiable source for that quote. It’s a characterization made by an “anonymous source” who claimed to be present.

It’s entirely plausible the same source was present at the pee taping, the soldier bounties, the church photo-op security detail, ad naseum.

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