I am bringing this to you because all of the major media, as well as social media, have admitted that they have become the official propaganda arm of the Biden administration.

1.- Can I stop wearing the mask?
Government: No
2.- Can they reopen restaurants, pubs, bars etc and everyone work normally?
Government: No
3.- Will I be resistant to covid?
Government Response – Maybe, but we don’t know exactly, it probably won’t stop you getting it
4.- At least I won’t be contagious to others anymore?
Government Response – No, it doesn’t stop transmission.
5.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?
Government: No
6.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?
Government: No
7.- If I vaccinate myself and my grandparents, can we hug each other?
Government: No
8.- Will cinemas, theatres and stadiums operate as per normal thanks to vaccines?
Government: No
9.- What is the benefit of the vaccine?
Government Response – We are hoping the virus won’t kill you.
10.- Are you sure it won’t kill me?
Government: No
11.- If statistically the virus won’t kill me anyway (99.7% survival rate) … Why would I get vaccinated?”
Government Response – To protect others.
12.- So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with?
Government: No, the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission

  1. – Isn’t that why we are wearing a mask?

Government response: We realized masks didn’t work, so now we are asking that you wear two.

  1. Can you guarantee that I won’t experience adverse affects from taking the vaccine or die from the vaccine itself?
    Government Response – No
  2. – Since you’re encouraging every American to get vaccinated then when people experience severe adverse reactions, long term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will they or their families be compensated?
    Government response: NO – the government and vaccine manufactures have 100% zero liability in experimental stages.
  3. -How long does the vaccine last?
    Government response- we aren’t sure.
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Chipmunk · February 20, 2021 at 5:10 pm

Yeah… the risk/benefit ratio does not work for me. I am not willing to be a test subject, and it’s not worth it.

AC47spooky · February 20, 2021 at 6:53 pm

It’s not a vaccine. It’s a flu shot. You might still get the virus but maybe it won’t be as severe. Maybe.

And there are a lot of unknowns concerning how it affects human RNA and DNA. Okay does everyone recall that this was rolled out under “warp speed?” Yeah, the fastest treatment ever devised. I thought everyone hated whatever was done under the previous administration.

Anonymous · February 21, 2021 at 12:22 am

Last I recall, you are a government employee, a government school “science” teacher. Do your employers allow you to present your scientific issues about current events in class? (maniacal laughter) You should quit your government job and drive a van offering a graymarket medical clinic to treat injuries of illegal immigrants who fall off roofs. Ebay will outfit you with xray machines and whatever else you need to to heal people.

I would, umm, officially help you get your wiring problems figured out with your uncertified medical van. Who am I? Nobody. 75 million individual instances of nobody.

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