A Daytona Beach Police officer radioed that he was checking out a suspicious vehicle. That was the last heard from him. He didn’t answer a routine radio check, and fellow officers found him with a gunshot wound to the head. He remains in critical condition.

The police soon released body cam video. There is now a nationwide manhunt for the shooter, which the FBI has joined. The wanted man is Othal Wallace, who is known to be a member of the New Black Panther Party and the Not Fucking Around Coalition, the black terrorist group that wants to take over Texas, a group I have blogged about before. Here he is at two different NFAC events:

According to a Facebook post by attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, Wallace also recently joined the New Black Panther Party. Shabazz, in a now-deleted June 15 post, “I would like to welcome the young warrior O-Zone Wallace into the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense under our new leadership. Brother O-Zone, a Florida man, is a good man with serious field experience. Brother O-Zone respects me and my history and I respect him. I predict Brother Warrior O-Zone Wallace will be instrumental in the re-building of the New Black Panther Party and the entire movement at large.”

This is the second time in the past week that a BLM affiliate has shot a police officer. Is this a continuation of the war that was begun last year? If so, this is the first time that kinetic action has been carried out in Florida. Stay frosty, things continue to escalate. Carry a weapon everywhere. Be aware of your surroundings.

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joe · June 26, 2021 at 1:01 pm

won’t be taken alive…bets?

D. C. · June 26, 2021 at 4:40 pm

There is so much of this activity it evinces patterns even if the objectives specifically are not obvious yet intended consequences are hard not to notice, everything associated runs in one direction, most critical question is who is funding and facilitating this structured systemic direct action order out of chaos and the groups of actors involved.

On no uncertain terms none of whats happening would be possible without a vast network that infests everything above grass roots open source home grown, down to the small town/village/precinct level, and they surveil what isn’t infiltrated, using local network actors stalking and watching targeted individuals, and other assets like ground and pole tech, high technology such as smart adaptive LED cameleo suits and 5G energy beam weapon technology adapted to surveillance use.

I think surveillance is a very large, critical fraction of the whole. America is too large geographically, with a large population which requires an inordinate level of technical surveillance to compensate for the impossible task of high percentage of human intelligence coverage assets of everyone.

It seems when a network asset does something like direct action kill on this cop, or when there is an active shooter, and good cops and people go in to stop the shooter, they are taken out. I suspect these events are saturated by network gangstalkers posing as simple bystanders, they are in comm’s with a control, and other shooters move in and assist in the direct action kill. You see it with the blacbloc rioters, how they have layered control and observation protection working out blocks from the direct action teams.

Point is its not these specific events, though nothing justifies the evil perpetrated and suffering created, who is in overall control, what is it thats doing these things to destroy our society and way of life?

It can not be anything smaller than a global organization as we see it in alianse with every sort of international action with similar objectives and operational aspects.

Its like the woman who attempted to manipulate you at the craps table. That was a network asset, she was sent in to you because the machine knows you, watches you, they deliberately try to mess with your head, watch how you behave, its another form of surveillance, to go into your file for future reference. Some of this is simply to create stresses and disrupt the fabric of our society, spread doubt and discontent, some is specific targeting of high value targets, like good folks with blogs or citizen journalists, maybe a guy who has a great time gambling sensibly and sharing his wisdoms and insights how to fun and maybe beat the odds once in a while, or a patriot who becomes too popular and runs for office. These are the machines territories, its exclusive, it protects these assets, so it gangstalks you, looks for vulnerabilities and strengths, and acts accordingly to stop you or take you out. Like a good cop with a strong family who honors the rule of law and constitutional codes. So they use these gangstalker fronts like with this actor and kill American’s like this cop.

Its really similar if not actual direct action within the marxist work manuals for protracted struggle, where they layout 3 stages of revolution. Within each stage is 3 phases. Political economic and violent action, and it is designed so the whole structure can be shifted around, drawn back or advanced, all, phases can cross over into each stage and vice versa, very flexible; essentially enemy attacks, we pull back, enemy withdraws we advance.
Wash rinse repeat as the conditions warrant.

That woman in the casino was them giving you the personal coverage touch. They watched you, probably a couple network assets standing right near you, testing your mettle and amygdala, your a K Strategist so you are automatically noted as deserving higher level of scrutiny. Casino’s are cash cows, huge money laundering op’s.
Bet personal coverage been run on you previously, you might not have made the associative leap on connections. Ever notice your home has been violated while your out, or people around your property, that strike you as funny or not right but you cant put your finger on it, or meeting somebody and your radar is trying to tell you something ain’t kosher?

Me, had all that and way more happen, still happens. After 14 years of coverage I recognize and watching events unfold, I see this thing, its all but inconceivable to us regular, good folks, almost incomprehensible, unbelievable at times, i believe I see it, I know whats been done by this machine, this cabal, to me, to others, I recignze many things, its all outside my normative reference points, i doubt myself even after having a gobsmack moment, its right there, and yet I have to constantly re-boot my disbelief that is natural, that nothing could be so vast, and be so truly evil. After all this is America, right?

Just imagine the scope of this thing, how vast its network is, to pull off the vote coup, the extent of blackmail and extortion, and co-option to burn and turn the whole of congress, the whitehouse, the supremes, our military, corpotations etc.
And nobody talks.

Ask yourself, how could every schoolboard in the country all of a sudden be all at once foisting CRT in every county and state?

It is their network of AINO, they look like us, dress like us, live right among us, how could such reckless hate, such destructive strategy, to poison all our kids in no uncertain doubts whatsoever, across our whole country all of a sudden be turned on, like a light switch?

Why all these good cops killed all of a sudden?

How could hundreds of good folks from President Trump’s 1-6 rally be political prisoners, totally denied habeas corpus and proscribed under attainders of writ, by star chamber courts creating crimes out of whole cloth totally arbitrarily, holding these folks under the control of obots civil rights division undergoing Manchurian candidate mind conditioning as a prerequisite for being granted “freedom”?

Everything is connected.

    joe · June 26, 2021 at 10:04 pm

    smart phones and shit connected to the internet…all of listening 24/7…

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