Imagine receiving discipline from an employer that you don’t even work for, and haven’t worked for in over a year and a half. That is what happened to John Franklin III.

There is a huge controversy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Specifically, that three players have been suspended after being accused of misrepresenting receiving the vaccine. In full disclosure, I don’t even watch football, but this story is too ridiculous not to mention. You have to dig a bit, but the story of the third player is the one that is most ridiculous.

John Franklin last played in an NFL game during the fall of 2019, when he was injured. He spent the remainder of that season, and all of the 2020 season, on the injured reserve. He was cut from the team in August, and is no longer an NFL player. In other words, by the time COVID existed, he had no longer played or been around any NFL players. He doesn’t even work for, nor is he affiliated with, any NFL team.

He is being suspended, even though he doesn’t work for any NFL team. Read the quote:

Free agent John Franklin III, if signed by a club, is also ineligible to play in the next three games.

National Football Association

OK, I know it’s the NFL, but let’s put that aside. We have reached a point in this country where a business is reaching out and punishing people for violating company policies when those people don’t even work for them.

“I know that employee doesn’t work here, because we fired him, but we have policies in place, and those policies were violated. So we are gonna say that, should he ever be rehired, we are going to suspend him without pay for a quarter of the year. Because reasons.”

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EN2 SS · December 4, 2021 at 4:06 pm

I read long ago, of a study done with a group of seven chimpanzees. A nice fresh bunch of fresh bananas was hung in the middle of the caged area. Every time a chimp started climbing toward the bananas, all of them were sprayed with cold water, no matter where they were in the cage. Soon, anytime a chimp started toward the bananas, the other six chimps would attack him. After all the chimps had joined the now normal attacks, the water was turned off, one chimp was removed and a fresh, untrained chimp put in the cage. He immediately went for the bananas and was attacked by the other chimps.Soon he gave up the attempt. Another chimp was removed and replaced with another fresh chimp, he went for the bananas and all the other chimps, again, attacked him, even the new chimp that had never been sprayed with cold water. Another chimp was replaced, with same results, all attacked the one attempting to get the bananas. This went on until all the original chimps had been replaced with unsprayed chimps, but the attacks of any chimp making a try for the bananas continued. None of the chimps knew why they attacked, other than that was the rules when they were introduced into the cage, so they continued the practice. Such is the bureaucracy, no one knows why the rules exist, they just know the rules and they will enforce them on everyone else. If anyone gets hurt, that’s too bad, they should have known the rules.

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