A woman had her purse stolen while she was at work. The ID in that purse was used to purchase and activate an iPhone at an Orlando shopping mall.

At the same shopping mall, a man purchased expensive items at Gucci and Louis Vuitton before leaving the mall to attend a party. Two men wearing ski masks and carrying firearms entered the party to rob the guests. The two criminals demanded the keys to his Lexus while also stealing a Christian Dior bag, a gold chain and a wallet from him. During the robbery, the guests complied with the robber’s demands, but one of them fired a shot anyway, killing another partygoer.

When police were investigating the robbery and murder, they discovered the illegally obtained iPhone attached to the bottom of the car of the man who had been shopping. The robbers selected their robbery victim because it appeared as though he had money, then attached the iPhone to the car as a tracking device, which they used to follow him to his destination in order to rob him.

The poor partygoer who was murdered did not do a thing other than go to a party. This is why you should carry a firearm everywhere you go.

What many in the press won’t mention is that this is a story that plays out a dozen times a day, every day, all over the country. One black man killed by another, while the media and BLM waste their time protesting drug abusers who overdose and demand that police departments be disbanded.

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