Arbitrary and stupid

Did you know that there are certain holsters that are considered to be in the same class with machine guns? These holsters are controlled by the National Firearms Act, and are called ‘any other weapons.’ They require a $5 federal tax stamp to own one with the gun.

Here is the funny part: you can own the holster, and that is legal. You can own the gun, and that is also legal. Own the holster AND the gun that fits in it without the form and the tax stamp? Federal Felony. 
Can you tell them apart? One of the following pictures is an AOW, and one is not:

There is no real difference in form or function, but if you should buy the wrong one at your next gun show, or make one yourself, you will get five years in club fed as a result.

Gun control laws are stupid and arbitrary. (and it is the top picture that is the AOW)

TSA does it again.

So a terminal at JFK had to be evacuated because a TSA screener forgot to plug in his metal detector. Funny thing is that he is (judging by his name- Alija Abdul Majed) an Arab/Muslim. It took hours to re-screen passengers. Of course, the entire exercise was a waste of time, as anyone who was intent on doing anything could have easily hidden a weapon in the sterile area, left to be re-screened, and then retrieved the item once he was back in the supposedly sterile area.


I really dislike lawyers

When I was a teenager, Michael Jackson was undeniably the king of pop music. His thriller video is still hailed as the most successful music video ever. His costar in the video is still receiving royalty checks. Or should be.
Ever since Jackson’s death, the lawyers handling his estate have been screwing the poor woman out of the money that she is owed.
So the lawyers for the recording industry keep complaining that people who download music are destroying the music industry by stealing the music that the artist produces, while they themselves are busy stealing the money itself. Why do the lawyers, who produce nothing, always seem to be the ones who wind up with the money?

Ammo standardization and Paqlites

I have been working on a plan for TEOTWAWKI as a part of my continuing prepping hobby. Of course, there are many things that we need to consider: Communications, food, water, transportation, etc. Bug out kits.

In the area of defense, we have selected the 9mm cartridge as the defense round of choice. Although there are handguns in the house that are capable of firing all of the popular pistol ammunition: 9mm, .357Sig, .40S&W, .45ACP, we felt that the 9mm was best for a number of reasons: it is light to carry spare ammo, recoil is manageable, and it is available in firearms that everyone in the family will carry. The round is also widely available. This doesn’t mean that I will be selling the other guns, but this is the round that I will plan our BOBs around, with each BOB containing a 20 round box of 115 grain +P.

I have selected the M&P40 as my personal handgun, and have fitted it with a 9mm conversion barrel from KKM. That gives me the capability of .40S&W, .357Sig, and 9mm in one handgun, with only a quick barrel change.

Also, for room and area lighting, we have elected to go with the UVPaqLite. It needs no batteries, doesn’t break, and provides excellent light for dark-adjusted eyes. Take a look, it is a good product for a reasonable price. It is easier to cart this around than a pile of batteries.

Stand your ground and Martin: opinion shifts

Interesting developments in the public’s opinion of the Zimmerman case. In March, when the agitators were busy trying to circumvent the intent of the ‘stand your ground law’ by misrepresenting the facts in the case, 33 percent of the country thought that Zimmerman had murdered Martin, and 15 percent thought it was self defense.

On April 17, the polls were showing that 41 percent said it was a justified shooting, and 59 percent felt that it was either murder or manslaughter.

On May 18, the photos of Zimmerman’s head was released, and it became known that Martin had no injuries, except the gunshot wound and injured knuckles. Public opinion shifted. On May 20, the polls showed that 40 percent felt that this was a justified self defense shooting, and 24 percent felt it was murder.

So as people got out from under the information that was being manipulated by the mainstream media and saw the facts for themselves, public opinion changed.

 In a related poll, we also see an interesting result for the ‘stand your ground’ law. The press and the anti-gunners (Redundant, I know) are using the shooting to attack ‘stand your ground.’ The  public isn’t buying it. 56 percent of Floridians support stand your ground laws, while only 37 percent feel that you should have to retreat before using force to stop an attack.

Here is the story on the feelings about the charges.
Here is the story about the public’s attitude towards ‘stand your ground.’

The US is about to be bought out

Before I became a firemedic, I was a volunteer EMT in Virginia, then a volunteer firefighter in Arkansas, then a volunteer firefighter/EMT in Florida. During those times, I had jobs working on industrial automation equipment. I got tired of being laid off every few months because we kept exporting jobs overseas, so I became a full time firemedic.

Anyone who has worked in a manufacturing related field can tell you that the jobs have been disappearing for decades. Ross Perot predicted the ‘giant sucking sound’ of jobs because of NAFTA, and many said he was a kook.

Turns out, he was right.

And so, here we are, our economy teetering on the brink of disaster, and I am sitting here wondering when the Chinese will finally absorb us into their empire.

Your tax dollars

Sheriff Grady Judd, the Sheriff of Polk County, Florida, has posted the following picture on the county sheriff’s webpage:

Is this how he sees himself? Some sort of gunslinging wild west cowboy? Is hiring a professional photographer to take such a self promoting picture at taxpayer expense a good use of taxpayer funds? Or is this picture being used to help a certain Sheriff’s reelection campaign?

Sheriff Judd is a lawbreaker himself. Maybe this poster means that he doesn’t want the competition. After all, there was a deputy that was killed several years ago, and when Judd’s deputies caught up to the alleged shooter, they fired at him 110 times, hitting him 68 times. When asked why they shot him 68 times, the sheriff responded with “That was all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more!”

He also has previously engaged in arresting people who are critical of his policies, including arresting one woman for “lewd activity in the presence of a minor” because her neighbor and his child heard a “sexual sounding noise” coming from the woman’s home 48 days earlier. Of course, it was only a coincidence that the woman had been critical of the sheriff and his policies. The charges were dropped, but the woman had to agree to stop criticizing the sheriff.

There was also the case of Christopher Michael Wilson, who ran a website that allowed people to post nude pictures of women on the site, and it required a credit card to access, so that the Wilson would know that people accessing the site were adults. Military men complained that they could not do so while in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, because the web servers in those countries blocked credit cards from being processed by companies who promoted pornography. Because of this, Wilson allowed members who posted pictures from the war zone to have access to the site. The site became a photo journal that chronicled the Iraq war. It was one of the first sites to publish the Abu Grhaib pictures that so embarrassed former President Bush.

Judd arrested Wilson on 301 counts of distributing pornography, even though Wilson did not post the pictures, he merely ran a site where people posted content, and the servers were not in Polk County (they were in the Netherlands). A plea deal was reached where Wilson had to turn the website over to Judd.

Even though the charges themselves were over pornography, according to Judd, the investigation was because of the Iraq pictures, also according to Judd.

Don’t forget that Grady Judd is also one of the Sheriffs who broke the law last year when they lobbied the state legislators to defeat the open carry law.

There should be a caption on the bottom of that poster that says “unless you are Sheriff Grady, or one of his “only ones.”