Children and COVID jab

Physicians in Central Florida are recommending that you vaccinate children aged 5 to 14 against COVID.

Since the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection, the only possible reason for accepting the vaccine is to lessen the severity of the illness.

According to the NIH, the COVID fatality rate of children in that age group is 0.02 per 100,000, which is 1/10,000 the rate of the US population as a whole, which is 215 per 100,000.

Currently, the COVID vaccine has an adverse reaction rate of approximately 20.7 per 100,000.

The adverse reaction rate for the vaccine is thus approximately 1,000 times higher than the risk of COVID for that age group.

The science and the math don’t lie. Even using the US government’s own figures and accepting them at face value says that the risk of the vaccine is greater than the benefit.


Flipping the numbers

In the UK, the BBC runs a story stating that a third of COVID cases are among the unvaccinated. Doesn’t that also mean that two thirds of cases are vaccinated? It goes on:

  • Nearly 13% of hospital patients with confirmed Covid were unvaccinated.
  • 80% of patients have been double-dosed with a vaccine
  • 99% of people who tested positive for Covid in the past week in Wales were under 60
  • 84% of those under 60 are vaccinated

So let’s look at the numbers. If 16% of those under 60 are unvaccinated, and 13% of those who are hospitalized are unvaccinated, then that would mean that the vaccine has little to no statistical impact on COVID hospitalization.



COVID tyranny

Control is the End Game

Like Australia, in Italy you must accept the vaccine passport that includes an app on your cell phone that tracks your location. If you fail to get this app, your employer can’t fire you. Of course, they can’t pay you, either.

If you refuse this tracking device and the vaccine that goes with it, you can’t participate in society. No dining out, no entering any government building or business, no paycheck. You will be an unperson.

That is the endgame: Your entire life will be controlled by the government.

Anti American left COVID

Follow the Science

That’s what we have been told about the VOCID vaccines: “Follow the science and listen to the scientists.” What happens when the science and the scientists don’t agree with the politicians and their goals? Why the scientists get overridden, that’s what.

But [the CDC director] broke from the panel by also clearing boosters for those in high-risk occupational and institutional settings in an unusual decision that’s likely to stoke protests from anti-vaccine advocates.

Walensky said in a statement. “At CDC, we are tasked with analyzing complex, often imperfect data to make concrete recommendations that optimize health. In a pandemic, even with uncertainty, we must take actions that we anticipate will do the greatest good.”

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky

So science, like everything else, is discarded by the left as soon as it is no longer convenient in carrying out their aims.

COVID Military

Felony for refusing the jab

The President is proposing to court martial and dishonorably discharge any service members who refuse the jab. A dishonorable discharge is a felony conviction.

COVID Race baiting

Vaccines are racist

If you will remember, if the outcome of anything affects black people more than white people, it is racist. With that in mind, I post this graphic from the CDC for your consideration:

  • 65% of vaccinations to whites, only about 7 percent to blacks.
  • 15 percent of the black population vaccinated, more than 60 percent of whites.

That, according to their definition, is racist.


Chloroquine and biowarfare

During the Vietnam war, the US Army had all soldiers who were in country take pills to prevent malaria. The Platoon Medic, referred to as “HOTEL”, came around every morning handing out a “little white pill” that soldiers called the “daily-daily,” and once a week he handed out a big orange pill.

That weekly orange pill contained chloroquine phosphate, 500 mg (equivalent to 300 mg of chloroquine), and primaquine phosphate, 79 mg (equivalent to 45 mg of primaquine). The combination of chloroquine and primaquine has proved much more effective—100% effective in servicemen who took the pill regularly—than chloroquine alone for the prevention of malaria due to Plasmodium vivax. However, it had no prophylactic value for malaria due to P falciparum in Southeast Asia. Therefore, those servicemen stationed in Vietnam, where falciparum malaria is endemic, took a daily dose of dapsone, 25 mg, (the daily-daily) in addition to the chloroquine-primaquine pill. It is approved by the FDA for that use.

How does it work? Chloroquine interferes with the degradation of hemoglobin by lysosomes in a malarial infection caused by P. vivax. One of the things that COVID does is degrade hemoglobin. The release of iron caused by hemoglobin destruction is what damages the lungs. This is why it makes complete sense to me that chloroquine containing drugs would be helpful in preventing hemoglobin destruction and high blood iron.

This also explains why COVID patients have such low blood oxygen saturation, and also why some patients with high saturations are having poor outcomes. The hemoglobin that is there is fully saturated, but since so much of it has been destroyed, the red blood cells simply can’t carry enough oxygen to meet metabolic demands.

Reading the study found here makes me realize that there are a large number of problems and target cells for COVID. I am convinced that this is a biological warfare weapon.


Too convenient

COVID is killing an average of 0.83 percent of the people who catch it. So why are we hearing about families with 6 dead in 3 weeks? The odds against this are astronomical.

This smells.

COVID Military

This week’s COVID update

A couple of things. The cases at the hospital are declining. One of the four hallways that we staffed to handle COVID patients was closed this week because our number of patients fell.

The second, and more interesting to me, piece of information came to me last night. I was having a couple of beers with a some military pilot friends of mine. They were telling me the story of the mandated vaccine. The President declared that, since the Pfizer vaccine was now approved by the FDA, he was mandating that all military members get the vaccine.

The military, being the efficient government agency it is, doesn’t have enough of the Pfizer vaccine for the military to get vaccinated. So they solved it by forcing the military to get the Moderna vaccine. You know, the one that isn’t approved.