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What next?

Biden is catching some pretty serious criticism for the situation in Afghanistan. Even his faithful supporters at CNN ran the headline “Joe Biden is facing a crisis of competence”.

Russia and China, who so far have been the only two counties to officially recognize the Taliban government, are said to be courting the Taliban as Western Powers scramble to flee. This is being played as a victory for America’s enemies and a defeat for Biden.

Biden’s approval ratings are tanking. His numbers are worse than Trump’s were. The economy is going south. Inflation is running rampant.

What else will it take? Is this enough to see Biden be forced out in disgrace? I don’t think it is. I think that there are a few more things that have to play out before there is enough to force Biden out.

Yes, all of this could mean that we are seeing the early stages of preparations for President Super Spreader Harris. As I recently said over at Gunfreezone, whoever had August or September for the Presidential Blog Poll should be double checking the dates that they picked. I just don’t think there is enough there, yet.

Not only will there have to be a loss of confidence in Biden’s leadership, there has to be something that happens with it that will take America’s attention away from everything else, especially away from the economy. It will have to be big, bigger than simply removing Biden from the Oval Office.

Will we see a terrorist attack in the US? What form will it take? Will it be an Afghani? Or will it be a Trump supporter?

I just don’t know, but I think that we are in for a HUGE surprise within the next few weeks.

Presidency The Collapse

Failed Foreign Policy

This is what a failed foreign policy looks like

When Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, asked then-Vice President Biden about the American duty to protect vulnerable Afghan civilians, Biden shot back with “Fuck that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.”

Presidency The Collapse

Time machine

Don’t let the President say that he wasn’t for a large troop presence in Afghanistan. He was more hawkish than Bush, Obama, or Trump on sending troops there.

Of course, he would have had you believe that he was involved in combat there himself, if you remember him telling the story about how he had found the Taliban when helicopter being forced down in the mountains of Afghanistan.

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Good satire is difficult to tell apart from truth. The Babylon Bee nails it, again.

KABUL—Approximately twelve minutes after U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have completely taken over the entire country.

“Woah, that’s a bummer,” said the Biden Administration’s foreign policy team. “We didn’t see that one coming.”


Lost Biscuit

How did I miss this story? It seems that Bill Clinton once lost the nuclear codes for months. Too busy chasing pussy, I guess. Why does it seem that we always elect idiots? Things like this, more than anything, have me convinced that our government should remain powerless.

At least when the current President decides to nuke gun owners, we stand a chance of the codes being lost.

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Nukes are useless

Joe Biden today said that US citizens can’t use AR15s to resist the power of his government because they’d need F-15s & nukes to take on the government.

I know how we can get some- just look on the Internet, where the geniuses of the US Air Force have posted the information needed to steal them.

All kidding aside- what the President is saying is that he is going to use nukes on US citizens on US soil. I cannot ever remember any sitting US President threatening to use nuclear weapons against his own country. So, to you on the left who are apparently feeling like you are experts in military conflict: Explain exactly how nuclear weapons would help the US government win a war against its own citizens. Will you drop one on Chicago? Your own farmland?

What about those F15s? What can an F15 do against a citizen militia? In case you didn’t know- the F15 is a fighter aircraft, completely useless against anything but other aircraft. Now I know that you idiots think that the F15 is somehow a magic talisman, even to the point of trying to use one to intimidate protesters, but it won’t work.

Let me explain to you how such a conflict would work:

You call out the troops, and they show up with tanks and every heavy weapon they can find. The militia disappears, blending into the populace. Then, while this massive army is in the field, the citizens showed up at the factory that made some indispensable widget required for your tanks to work, and killed half of the assembly line workers.

So half the army now has to be posted at the factory. The next time, the citizens show up at the houses of the families of those troops. Now they all have to be moved onto secure bases.

Then what? A soldier goes out on the town for a bit R&R then disappears.

Wars like that get ugly. I think that at this point, such a conflict appears unavoidable.


Destroying the Church

As all of you probably know, I am not a religious person. What you don’t know is that I was raised Catholic. While I have my criticisms of the Church and the Holy See, one thing that I have always respected is the church’s steadfast defense of its beliefs.

President Biden’s stance is not in keeping with the Church’s stance on abortion. The Church is reportedly looking at refusing communion to Catholics who support abortion, and the President doesn’t think that the Church has the moxie to enforce this rule.

“That’s a private matter and I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” the second Catholic president told reporters at the White House.

In short, he thinks that the Communist Pope will cave in, thus destroying the reputation of the Church. In other words, the President believes that the Pope’s support of Communism outweighs his belief in his God.

But Pope Francis, who is known for his oftentimes liberal views, is believed to oppose cutting off Communion to Biden. He said in a recent sermon that Communion “is not the reward of saints, but the bread of sinners” and his allies campaigned against the US bishops’ push.

He might be right. Biden stole an election and he may also steal the Church. The Pope is soon to bow down and kiss the Presidential ring.



Biden begged Putin not to attack America’s infrastructure using cyberattacks.

“We made it clear we were not going to allow this to go on,” the president said. “I gave them a list. … There were no threats, just simple assertions made. I think the last thing he wants now is a cold war.”

It’s almost like giving them a list of where we are vulnerable. If he believed that Russia was actually carrying out deliberate cyberattacks and had any balls, he would have said something more like:

“The United States views any cyberattack upon its strategically important infrastructure as being no different than a deliberate attack. The United States would be forced to defend its interests if such an attack were to occur. It would be most unfortunate for everyone if an attack originating from within your borders were to be mistaken for a deliberate act.”

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First they accused Trump of being a dictator. Then they accused the Florida governor. The entire time, President Biden has been telling the Republicans to either do as they are told, or he will simply do it without them.

Who is the dictator, exactly?

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Executive Actions

Biden claims that tomorrow, he will sign an Executive Order requiring people to undergo a background check when buying a so-called “ghost gun.” I want to know just how that will happen.

Will he declare that an 80% lower is now a firearm? OK, so then a company will make 75% lowers. Are you going to outlaw paperweights? I just don’t see that working out.

Or will he make it illegal to sell a home made firearm? How would this be enforced? Will it work as well as making it illegal to sell unregistered drugs?

Even if he does issue it, any executive order he signs will have to clear the same hurdle as Trump’s bump stock ban. The courts have already ruled that an EO can’t be used to make law.

I guess we find out tomorrow.