A shooting at AdventHealth Celebration. That is a failure of gunfree zone signs. As I have posted before, that hospital has signs up.

The sign is misleading. Chapter 790 only prohibits weapons and firearms in a pharmacy, and even so, law enforcement and those licensed to carry concealed weapons are exempt. Since you are prohibited from carry firearms unless you fall into either of those categories, that particular law is redundant. There are no laws prohibiting a person with a concealed weapons permit from carrying a weapon in a hospital, nor do signs carry the force of law in this state.

Even so, the law prohibiting weapons in a pharmacy does not extend to the entire hospital, just to the portion of the hospital that is the pharmacy. This sign is deliberately misleading, which indicates to me that the SDA church (who owns the hospital) is being less than honest when it comes to this signage.

I ignore the sign and enter with my weapon anyway, and so do the criminals, apparently.

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BEN G · February 26, 2021 at 9:28 am

Hospitals in GA tend to have similar signs, but they usually just say “per state law” since there’s no section of the OGCA that even comes close to banning guns in medical facilities of any kind.

    Jonathan · February 26, 2021 at 10:37 am

    The hospital nearest me in West Virginia has a similar sign up.
    State law bans weapons in mental facilities. There is debate about whether it only applies to a mental ward or the whole hospital – but here it is a moot point since the hospital doesn’t do any inpatient or outpatient mental treatment.

    I keep having people tell me that property owners can ban anything they want to… but WV law doesn’t allow them to ban guns, and Ohio law requires the posting of specific signs to ban guns – and it doesn’t allow the choice between concealed or open; it’s all or nothing. Of course, the penalty for violating the sign is so small and the process to do it so labyrinthine that most prosecutors won’t touch the cases.

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