Hard to Trace?

That doesn’t appear to be the case, because they had no problem here. I’m wondering where the ‘tip’ that he was making guns came from. We all know about the NSA analysis of internet traffic. Was it that?

I’m glad he was caught, but what is a guy with 9 felony convictions doing as a free man?

One reply on “Hard to Trace?”

For all that, he was only sentenced to 9 years and will probably serve less than that.
I thought the mandatory minimum for felon in possession was 10 years?
At those quantities I’m surprised they didn’t add unlicensed dealer.
As you mention, he had a long enough rap sheet he shouldn’t have been out at all.
Don’t forget that it many cases they can trace credit card purchases more easily that they can track serial numbers… If you want a truly”ghost” gun, buy with cash face to face.

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