How Many is Hunter Getting?

President Potato’s administration announced that they will be distributing crack pipes with taxpayer money. No word on how many of them will be received by America’s most famous crackhead, Hunter Biden.

4 replies on “How Many is Hunter Getting?”

Too lazy for a tire pressure gauge?
That is seriously lethargic and clocked out.
CCP laughs at how easy it was to own the Chiquitastan.

The government will use the money to hire people and pay consultants and maybe get NASA to design one, or Boeing or Lock-Mart at $5,000 a piece and 10 will be distributed to centers as an example and none will ever get to the street.

It’s the Kleptocracy way, after all.

Crack pipes for all, but you gunnies, you have to pay and pay and pay and have your rights more and more restricted.

Clown world indeed.

On a different note from Beans’ take, which is absolutely right, when I saw this story I thought it was the Onion, or the Babylon Bee. I had to conclude it was real.

The problem is the old law of fiction that says “fiction has to make sense; real life doesn’t.”

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