Now my brother

Two days ago, I announced that my mother has COVID, but only had mild symptoms. Last week, my Brother received a so-called booster of the vaccine. Today, he was diagnosed with COVID. It seems that even fully vaccinated people with booster shots can get it.

One of my employees today told me that her mother is in the ICU on a ventilator, with an exceptionally bad case of COVID. The mother is unvaccinated, and there are many people that will view this as: “AHA! If she had been vaccinated, she would be fine!”

They would be ignoring that this woman got sick a month ago, and her doctor diagnosed her with tonsilitis. Three weeks later, she woke up gasping for breath, and passed out. She was taken to the ER, where her advanced case of COVID, which her doctor had misdiagnosed, was finally treated.

So is this a case of no vaccine, or a case of an untreated, serious case of an infection caused by a medical error? How does a doctor not test someone for COVID if they come in to the office sick? Or was the test faulty?

Another 12 hour shift today. Sorry I don’t have anything else for you. Tired. I spent all day in the COVID isolation wing, where I walked 10,000 steps. I am worn out.

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Sorry to hear your family is being diagnosed as covid positive. I think it’s a chance we all take. Seems with or without the non-vaccine, people still get the coof. So, is the “vaccine” really a vaccine ??
Take care of yourself when you can. Twelve hour shifts will ruin you sooner rather than later. Rest and keep your immune system strong. You could probably post from ICU, but probably wouldn’t feel like it….

Hope your mom and brother make it through this unscathed. BUT, you post your brother just got a booster shot (which I take to mean a third dose) and still got nicked. Yeah, I’m not surprised, as the booster will do no more good than the first two clotshots and most likely will cause further damage to those who get it. And we all know the third shot will not be the last.

I don’t think there’s really much else I can or need to say now. Those of us who “get it” know where we are and what the general trajectory is going forward; most are probably shit outta luck even with that knowledge. Those who haven’t “gotten it” by now are definitely SOL. I can see and sense the panic setting in presently for those who have been straddling the line between sheeple and certified bad-thinkers. Some of them are in my family, and are agonizing over their corporate jobs now imposing vax madates. They know enough to have an implicit understanding this is a real bad deal but are still fearful of walking and sacrificing their paychecks as they cannot yet bear the notion of lowering their expectations of this life. This squeeze play is now dialed up to infinity with todays latest bout of criminal negligence from the FDA. It has really hit home that their nuts are in a bench vise, and the guy turning the handle is a sadist of the highest order.

I empathize with their situation, but mere lip-service to “resisting” is over and it is do or die time (quite literally as it now happens) so the choice is as stark as either capitulating to evil for your worldly convenience and comfort (for some as yet undetermined but undoubtedly short time frame), or accepting the fate that one will have to endure real suffering and pain that will come from bucking the system in an attempt at self preservation.

It was always thus, but now we’ve exhausted all the rehearsals and dry runs at totalitarianism and have a real no joke untenable situation where our asses are on the line with no truly satisfactory outcome nor any do-overs.

Everything wicked this way comes.

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