Woman pulls out a gun in a Philadelphia Chipotle and demands to be served.

Then she puts the gun back in her purse when it appears that she is getting her way. When it appears like they aren’t moving fast enough, she pulls the gun out again. The odd part here is the customers in line behind her don’t even react to her producing a firearm and threatening the staff.

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Comrade Chairman Mao approves.
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Did she actually “STEAL” the food? Or just brandish a gun in order to get served? Cause the police note at the beginning of the video doesn’t really say that she stole the food, only that she brandished a firearm. And maybe issued a threat.

And not saying she was right, but there have been times I’ve felt tempted. Not right. But I understand.

Me too. I’d guess most people have.

But my preferred resolution is to just not go back there any time soon.

“sorry, but, due to the national coin shortage, would you mind paying with a debit or credit card?”

Yeah, what’s up with that? There’s been that stupid national change shortage sign up for several years now. Who the hell is hoarding pennies?

Hard to tell, but in TX she could be charged with assault (the state defines assault as threatening another person with bodily harm and defines battery as actual bodily contact that results in injury).

A good lawyer could make it go either way…….

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