The Chauvin case is over, and there are already talks of making appeals to the courts. After all, there is no doubt that the trial could not have been a fair one. Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man lays it all out– there are more than enough grounds to file an appeal. There is no doubt that Chauvin cannot get a fair trial in this country. That conviction should be overturned. But that won’t happen. That was the old USA. The one that no longer exists.

The mood in the country is such that any court overturning the conviction would virtually guarantee court packing, term limits for SCOTUS, or some other tampering with our courts. For that reason, the courts have been subverted and will forever bow to the demands of the left. Think that’s not realistic? Let me point out that just six months ago, we still believed in fair elections.

Our constitutional government is dead, and has been since November. This is the USSA. Expect even more show trials. George Zimmerman is as good as dead.

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