Vengeance is mine

Another story of a hospital refusing to give a COVID patient Ivermectin, even to the point of watching a patient die, even to the point of defying a court order.

Ivermectin is being called an “alternative treatment.” I don’t see why. What is it an alternative to? There is no treatment for COVID. All the hospital does is supportive care. That is, they administer oxygen and vitamins, then wait to see if you get better. Those who begin to deteriorate are given drugs to maintain their blood pressure. Even if the patient survives at that point, they are likely to lose fingers and toes as a side effect of the blood pressure medication.

I don’t see the harm in giving Ivermectin, especially the ones who are in the final stages. However, there are hospitals all over the country who are refusing, because they would rather play politics than actually save lives.

When we are to the point that medical professionals are actively denying care to patients while watching them die, even to the point that they are defying court orders, then there really is only one remedy.

If my wife were to get sick and the hospital and its staff watched her get sick and die while actively refusing to provide treatment, there would be a list in my pocket of each and every person who killed her. I would then have a close and personal discussion with each of them, so that I could explain to them in unmistakable terms the consequences of this decision.

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Nobody’s really talking (beyond boilerplate). But I would wonder if some of these hospitals had been approached by federal critters and told, ‘If you dispense ivermectin for Covid, kiss your ass goodbye’.

We talk about how heavy a hammer the feds can use on an individual. How much harder would it be to use it on a hospital that won’t toe the party line?

I think married couples are having the talk: “I don’t trust any of them. If I get COVID, keep me home no matter what. No matter how much I’m suffering. We’ll treat with vitamins, horse paste, etc, and hope for the best.”

I know of one couple. Toughest conversation they’ve ever had after 30+ years of marriage…

This is what happens when trust has been lost in government, corporations, doctors, and even friends and family. The spouse is the only one left. (I still trust my barber…)

I KNOW my wife and I have had that talk. I’d rather die in agony in my own bed than for a “hospital” to profit from my death. Fuck all the Covidians, may they die in absolute terror at the hands of a loved one of one of their victims.

You’re never in more danger of dying than when you go to a hospital.
Covid is a nasty flu, that is easily treated with over the counter medications and supplements. The mass hysteria is unnecessary.

Asked my Doctor if he’d be willing to prescribe invermectin. He said he was willing but the pharmacies are unwilling to fulfill it. His wife has scabies and the Pharmacist won’t give them invermectin to fight it. Afraid govco will pull their licence.

Follow the money. Hospitals get federal money, so the feds calls the tune. Same for pharmacies. And the feds paying the piper are not acting in anyone’s best interest but their own. MDs etc need their DEA registration from the feds…. everyone’s first loyalty is to their family and hence their job.

Hospitals are part of the Long March to burn it all down by any means necessary.
Remember, white coats camp out at Marxist U. for years.
Last summer it was so quiet at the comrades local hospital you could hear a mouse fart from the plexiglass encased check in desk with comradette Elsa Ratchett at the station.
It is all part of the Great Reset Leap Forward.

I wonder how many of these murderous subhuman animals know how close they are to the point where WILL be held accountable for their vile crimes.

‘By any means necessary’ doesn’t have to be a leftist term.

I live in the middle of the US. Rural America. Spouse and I got sick over the summer. Honestly, looking back, it was weird, but not unordinary. I mean, it’s very similar to the flu, but with some odd side effects.
The worry was the worst. The ‘I’m good now, but am I dying tomorrow?’ until we were better.
Sick friends if ours went to local smaller hospital, got the antibodies, z-pack, vitamins, *and* Ivers. I was pleasantly surprised. Three days later, these 80 year olds were out and fine.
I think it matters where you are, and how far down the rabbit hole your treating Dr. is.

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