The Norwegian Defense force has established an all female special forces unit. Here are the physical requirements for entry: (translated- sorry if wrong)

Minimum physical requirements
2 body lifts (pull ups?)
20 push-ups
35 situps in 2 min
20 back lift
Swim 200 meters (10 meters under water)

Test on course beginning:

  • 7 km pack run with own bag of 22 kg
  • Outfit: sportswear and sneakers
  • Time requirements: 54 minutes

Before graduation:

  • 7 km pack run with handed out bag of 22 kg
  • Outfit: uniform, marching boots and weapons
  • Time requirements: 54 minutes

What requirements are there for male special forces?

So the female special forces candidates wouldn’t come close to qualifying for the male version. Even the weighted march is easier, because the women the men must travel 30km to the women’s 7km. Well, what are the requirements for basic troops, men and women?

Note that women who qualify for special forces in Norway would have to complete 2 pull ups, 20 push ups, and 35 sit ups, which would barely be a “passing” grade for men who AREN’T special forces. Compare it to the entry test for the US Army Ranger school:

Every country that permits women lowers the requirements. They have to. This is unfair to the women who go into combat and must face the reality of combat that they are simply not physically prepared for.


Space Cadets

Now here comes the “Space National Guard”


Minuteman test

This story about the testing of Minuteman launch procedures was interesting to me. The test involves everything up to the actual launch of the missile. Just in case all of the safety precautions fail, they park a truck over the silo as a last ditch effort to ensure there is no actual launch.


PLAN still getting stronger

China just commissioned three ships on the same day: A Ballistic missile submarine, a cruiser, and an amphibious ship/baby carrier.

The baby carrier displaces around 35 to 40 thousand tons, which puts it on par with the Wasp class LHD. The US Navy has nine of these ships, with 5 of them in the Pacific theater.

The cruiser is equivalent to the Aegis cruiser, with phased array radars and 128 VLS missiles.

This newest submarine boosts Chinese to 6 ballistic missile subs. Now these subs are noisier than either their Russian or American counterparts, but they don’t have to be as quiet, because they are staying close to the Chinese coast, where they can be defended by shore based assets.

The current Chinese sub launched missile, the J-2, has a 4500 mile range. This means that only Alaska is within range of these missiles, but that will change in 2025, when the new J-3 missile goes into fleet service with their newest submarines, set to enter the fleet in 2023. The worrisome part here is that the Chinese will more than triple the number of nuclear warheads in their arsenal from 300 to over 1,000 within the next 8 years. Some reports estimate that the number of warheads may be significantly higher- as many as 3,000 warheads.

The Chinese are engaged in a MASSIVE military buildup at a time when the US Navy is weak. Granted, Chinese spending is less than a third of US spending, but the US spending is disproportionately spent on pay and boondoggles like sex changes and promoting more women, while the Chinese are using the money to build more platforms and weapons systems.

The Chinese are increasing military readiness across the board, while the US is decreasing readiness. Within the next decade, the US Navy will be outnumbered and outclassed by PLAN.


Chicom PLAN is growing quickly

So we have talked about how China has two ski-jump supercarriers, and two with catapults under construction. Now it turns out that they have built a Navy base at the southern entrance to the Red Sea that has piers long enough to handle those carriers. What’s more- the base is less than 5 miles from the US Camp Lemonnier, a Naval Expeditionary Base in Djibouti, on the horn of Africa. It looks like China intends to have a carrier based in the Indian Ocean/Persian Gulf/Red Sea area of operations.

I used to say that a Chinese war against the USA was impossible because the PLAN didn’t have the ships to wage an overseas war. That is not going to be the case for much longer. Interests in the IO and WestPac need to be on alert. I think we have less than two years before there is a war in the area that involves China and one of her regional neighbors, and the Biden/Harris administration doesn’t have what it takes to do a thing about it.


China Building Supercarrier

China’s new aircraft carrier will be as large as the Ford class, will have electromagnetic catapults, and will thus be able to operate large, first class aircraft and AEW aircraft.

This ship is for power projection, and China will have four aircraft carriers by the end of next year. The US Navy only has 5 carriers in the Pacific fleet.

The USA is busy focusing on using the military against its own citizens and in diversity. The Russians and Chinese are about to make the US irrelevant.


Russians: Attack when cloudy

Why? Because NATO is planning on building solar powered tanks. I shit you not, this is fucking ridiculous. Do I really need to explain why?