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Not all cops deserve your support

I generally support cops. Most of us who are not active leftists do. That trait is being used against us. That is why I can no longer support articles like this one from William Lind.

Mr. Lind makes the claim that we should support the police, because they are “on our side.” I submit to you that the only side the police are on is the side that pays them their pensions. If that means they have to take your guns, so be it. They got their guns, and they get their pensions.

If that means they have to raid your business with an armored vehicle for daring to stay open, they will. If they have to arrest children while pepper spraying them in the face to keep their pension, they will.

If they need to arrest you for trespassing in your own business in order to prove who’s boss, they will.

I know what you are thinking- “Those stories are all cops from other states. I know the cops in my area. They would NEVER do that. The cops I know are good guys.” Just ask yourself- if the cops in your area were given an order, would they refuse to obey, even if it means being fired and losing their pension? I’m betting they would stomp you into the ground, if the choice were between doing that and having to lose their special police power. That is the essence of a police state. You can’t have a police state without police to enforce it.

Watch this video where a woman is arrested for not wearing a mask. No one is near her, other than family. There is no danger. The cop chose to cause and escalate this confrontation, even though there is NO benefit for requiring a mask in this situation (even if you believe masks work, there was no one near her) other than demanding compliance for the sake of compliance.

So, no. I don’t automatically support the cops. I don’t automatically hate them. However, I can clearly see a time coming where I won’t have that luxury. It will be time to choose.

That makes me sad.

Police State Power Grab

Heroes defend Pelosi & Biden

Police State War on the Right

Not a militia

Tell me again that the National Guard is a state militia and not part of a standing Army, when the Australian Army has troops serving as a part of the Washington, DC occupation force, now being called “Task Force Freedom.”

Nothing says freedom like armed troops in the Capitol.

Police State

Big Country nails it

In reference to Big Country’s post over at The Intrepid Reporter. The cops have been nothing but an extortionist gang for decades. A peaceful, law abiding person who generally is a cop supporter, I have had a few negative interactions with cops, including one where a cop threatened to KILL me for informing I was carrying after he pulled me over for running a stop sign.

In 2016, a guy with fake police credentials tried to arrest me for a traffic offense. I wasn’t getting in that car. He came towards me, I drew on him, and he ran. The real cop who arrived were given descriptions and a partial tag number. Nothing ever came of it. One cop. For a person attempting to abduct people while impersonating a cop.

In 2005, I had someone steal a check for over $200 from my mailbox, forge my name and deposit that check into his bank account. The number of the account that the check was deposited in to was printed on the back of the check, right below my forged signature, and right above the signature of the account holder. I went to the station to report the crime. I had a copy of the check. All the cop had to do was go to the bank, get the name of the account owner, and make the arrest. Anyone could have done it, it wasn’t a hard crime to solve. The cops told me that they didn’t have the manpower to solve a crime for such a small amount of money. On the way home, I passed 6 cops with cars pulled over, writing traffic tickets. So much for lack of manpower.

In 2000, my car was broken into: my stereo, radar detector, cash, and other items totaling about $600 were stolen. The crime scene investigator came out and took fingerprints. They got a hit, gave me the name of the person and asked me to sign a paper saying that this man did not have permission to be in my vehicle. A month later, I was told that the criminal would not be arrested because the crime was too minor to waste resources on.

So yeah, I get it.

Police State


People have been saying that you shouldn’t have smart devices because they are spying on you. So is your cell phone. The FBI has been using them for years to spy on people.

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Cops are a money maker

In the year 2000, my car was burglarized. The police knew who did it. They got his identity from the fingerprints. They told me that he would not likely face charges, because the police department did not have the resources to deal with “minor” crimes like auto burglary.

In the year 2005, someone stole a check from my mailbox, forged my signature on it, and deposited it into their checking account. I got a copy of the check, and sure enough, there was the name and signature of the miscreant. The police again told me that they didn’t have the resources to pursue the criminal.

On the way home, I passed 5 cops writing traffic tickets. I lost a total of about $900 from those two crimes. I have lost more than that from the five traffic tickets I have received in my life.

The police write over 40 million traffic tickets a year in the US. The average officer writes $300,000 a year in traffic tickets. It is a $6 billion a year industry. The city of Atlanta has even admitted that police raises and pensions depend on how much revenue is brought in by traffic citations. So even though there may be no quota per se, you can bet that the police have a real motivation to write questionable tickets. The Atlanta police union admits to using traffic tickets to fund a raise for Atlanta cops.

Warning people of speed traps ahead has been ruled as protected speech, and has also been ruled as interfering with police business by the Seventh circuit. In that same decision, it also ruled that using traffic fines to generate revenue is legitimate police business, and interfering with that is a crime.

Florida, the state where I reside, makes $100 million a year from traffic tickets, and that doesn’t include the amount collected by state and county government from their share of those 4 million traffic citations. Hillsboro county got another $36 million. St Petersburg, a city within that county, got another $500 thousand. Hillsboro is only one of 67 Florida counties.  There are only 15 million adults in Florida, meaning that one in four Florida drivers get a ticket each year.

The police are revenue generators, and are being used to squash political groups. They no longer are here to protect and serve the public.