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Crazy World

So now it is Constitutional for the President to order people to undergo a medical treatment, but not Constitutional to stop people from rioting and destroying property, nor is it Constitutional for a governor to prohibit a medical treatment.

The collapse will accelerate.

COVID tyranny

More equal than others

So the workers of the US Postal Service are exempt from Biden’s mandatory vaccine requirement. Can’t be pissing off the people who are redirecting your fraudulent ballots.

This entire thing is an outrage, but let’s keep things in perspective. We haven’t even begun to see how bad things will get. Things are going to get worse. A lot worse, and that is even before the killing starts.

COVID tyranny

Here it is

Biden has mandated everyone get the vaccine by executive order.

COVID tyranny

Politics, not science

Much has been made of Governor Ron Desantis’ executive order banning schools from mandating masks. School districts sued and won the ability to override parent choice by requiring all children to wear masks.

School boards cite the CDC’s recommendation that all students in school wear masks as their reason for doing so.

It isn’t science that is at play here, though. The CDC caved to pressure from teachers’ unions when they wrote that recommendation.

Anti American left tyranny

The Constitution is offensive

At least it is, according to our government. They have placed a trigger warning on our Nation’s founding documents.

COVID tyranny

Here it comes

I posted the story about how the left thinks that kids can and should be vaccinated over their parents objections, and here comes Pfizer, saying that their vaccine will be approved for children by the end of the year.

Police State tyranny War on the Right

A tempest in a teapot

Remember the guy who yelled at an MSNBC reporter? He was arrested by a US Marshals task force in Ohio. They congratulate themselves on arresting a “violent fugitive.” Calling him violent is a stretch. All he did was yell at the reporter. There is no evidence that he ever touched the reporter.

Even so, all of the charges against him are misdemeanors. He wasn’t even a fugitive unless they can prove that he was aware of the charges and was fleeing the state to avoid them. I can’t believe that these charges merited an entire Federal task force to catch him. From the US Marshals’ own webpage:

 The purpose of regional fugitive task forces is to combine the efforts of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to locate and apprehend the most dangerous fugitives and assist in high profile investigations.

This is ridiculous. So the US Marshals are saying that this guy is one of the most dangerous fugitives in America? Of course not.

Anyone on the right who challenges the left is going to be placed in the gulag. Maybe the cops SHOULD be defunded.

Police State tyranny

Lindell is an unperson

January 6 protester is returning to jail because he listened to Mike Lindell, who they refer to as “one of the most prominent and prolific proponents of the election fraud conspiracy theories and lies” surrounding the January 6 protest.

I truly believe that the rally planned for September 18 will see some huge event that will be used to result in a nationwide crackdown. January 6 was the Reichstag fire. The COVID lockdowns were, and continue to be, our Krystalnacht. We are rapidly sliding towards a complete collapse of the Republic.

Police State tyranny

Don’t stop the propaganda

The man who interrupted an MSNBC reporter during a fake news broadcast is now facing criminal charges.

He is being charged with two counts of simple assault, one count of disturbing the peace and one count of violating an emergency curfew. We can’t have people challenging the anointed class while they are delivering the king’s message. People might get the idea that they are free, or something.

Military Purge opposition tyranny War on the Right

Disturbing escalation

From Miguel, I learned today that the US military is threatening to expand the application of the UCMJ with regards to retired military saying disparaging things about the President. The Article to be used is Article 88. One thing that strikes me as odd is that Article 88 only applies to commissioned officers. I am sure that they will find another article to go after enlisted retirees.

Most obviously, the UCMJ applies to those who are currently serving on active duty in the armed forces, students enrolled in a federal service academy, and prisoners of war. After an amendment in the 2010s, the UCMJ also applies with equal force to contractors or other individuals “serving with or accompanying an armed force in the field.”

Now it is not unheard of for the UCMJ to be applied to those who are no longer in the military, but the use has been very narrow and specific before now.

The UCMJ does not apply to veterans who were discharged before reaching 20 years of service. The UCMJ also does not apply to retired reservists. However, it does apply to service members who retired from active-duty service, especially the Navy or Marines. This is because marines and sailors who leave active duty after more than 20 years in uniform but less than 30 and who want to collect retiree pay move into the Fleet Reserve, or Fleet Marine Corps Reserve. That’s right- retirees from the military are actually reservists.

Before 2021, I could not find any case of a retiree being prosecuted for a minor offence. Each incident I found involved serious offenses like kidnapping, sexual assault, or murder.

The problem here is that using the UCMJ changes everything. The application of UCMJ jurisdiction to retirees is significant because courts-martial are not Article III courts and are therefore not subject to some of the basic protections contained within the Bill of Rights. For instance, court-martialed defendants do not have the right to a jury trial; instead, an eight-person “member panel” selected by a high-ranking officer serves as the trier of fact.

That all changed after January 6. That was when the US military began using the UCMJ to go after military retirees for participating in the protest. This is a major expansion of military authority. This administration truly HAS declared war on the right. In unequivocal terms, they have said that no one can criticize this President without risking jail time.