Texans who couldn’t go to work because of the winter storm, they were told that they could either burn vacation or forfeit the pay for the days that they didn’t work. They are incensed, and I don’t understand why.

When a Hurricane hits in Florida, we have it the same way. Not getting paid when you aren’t at work isn’t anything new- why would you expect to get paid when you aren’t working?

Why should their employers pay them for days they were off work? Expecting the company to do that is expecting your employer to insure you against lost wages for acts of nature. Isn’t that what insurance is for?

Support animal tenant scam

I am a landlord. I allow my tenants to have pets, but they must pay an extra, nonrefundable, one-time cleaning fee of $250 when they move in, and I charge an extra $50 a month. This is because pets cause me extra expenses. My insurance costs are higher because of the risk of a dog biting someone. It costs more to clean a home after animals have lived there, and that doesn’t mention the added risks of damage to the property.

I cannot do that any longer. The reason for that is because of people like my sister. My sister has gone online and gotten her pet certified as an emotional support animal. It costs $129 online to get a letter from a licensed therapist, certifying that you are disabled and have a disability requiring that landlords let you keep your pet, and preventing them from charging you extra. (I was going to provide a link, but I decided not to drive business their way)

Last year, Florida passed a law allowing landlords to demand a letter from a licensed healthcare provider, and requiring the provider to have seen the tenant in person at least once. I could do that, but it entails a lot of risk on my part- you see, the law is a minefield. Play it wrong, use the wrong wording, and you get sued under the Fair Housing Act.

So instead, I will simply price that risk into everyone’s lease. I will charge more for a security deposit for everyone. I will charge more in rent for everyone.

A few scammers make it more expensive for everyone.

But what if they identify as men?

Back in 2019, the Army noticed that 84% of women were failing the service’s new ‘gender neutral’ physical fitness test, while only 30 percent of men failed it. The Army then had to admit what the woke crowd won’t: it doesn’t matter what you THINK you are or identify as, men have a physiological advantage over women.

In typical government fashion, they didn’t fix the problem by finally admitting that women can’t, in fact perform as well as men do in combat. Nope, instead, after two years of studying the problem, Congress simply got rid of the test. Problem solved. So now, troops that look like this will be more widespread:

So that way we can accommodate more soldiers who look like this:

Ejército de cabrones

Destroying women’s sports

The world record for men in the 1500m race is 3:26, a full 24 seconds faster than women.

A time of 4 minutes at the 1500m mens race at the 2018 Gold coast games would not have even made the finals. The slowest man in the finals ran the race in 3:53.43. (pdf alert)

The fastest woman ran the same race in 4:00.71.(pdf alert) The thing is, the person who won wasn’t a woman. It was a man who isn’t fast enough to compete against the men, so has chosen to identify as a woman. Watch the race, and see that this “woman” has a clear physique advantage over real women, the fastest of whom ran the race in 4:03.09. (Youtube won’t let me embed this one. Just go to 3:56 to see the end of the race)

It’s OK to kill Puerto Rican men

That’s the message I got from this week’s declaration of emergency in Puerto Rico. The emergency, which lasts until June 30, was in response to “a wave of killings targeting women and transgender people.”

What they don’t tell you is that there were 529 murders in Puerto Rico during 2020, which was a 16 percent reduction from 2019. Of those 529 murders, 54 of them were women and 6 of them were trannies. So, about 1 percent of Puerto Rican murder victims were trannies, and ten percent were women. The 89 percent who were men? No declaration of emergency for them, which screams to me that killing Puerto Rican men is just fine and dandy with the Puerto Rican government.