Pitchforks Needed

This needs to be spread far and wide:

Scientists have found that a section of the genetic material that makes up the COVID virus is the same as one that Moderna patented in February of 2016. The sequence is 19 base pairs long, meaning that there is only a one in three trillion chance that this happened naturally.

COVID is the only coronavirus of its type to carry 12 unique letters that allow its spike protein to be activated by a common enzyme called furin, which allows it to spread between human cells with ease.

If in fact the virus is engineered using genetic material that was patented by Moderna, this would explain how a vaccine was ready for market within months. They already knew how to vaccinate against it- it was their property.

Job Interferes with Blogging

COVID has again begun running amok at work. In less than a week, we went from no COVID patients to about 100. Even worse, this variant seems to be more contagious to younger people than the previous versions, so many hospital employees are getting it.

We still have about 100 COVID patients admitted, enough for an entire wing of one floor. So far, that is less than what we had back in August and September with the Delta variant. We had one COVID patient die on Sunday, and none on Monday that I am aware of. Our hardest hit patients are the elderly. Nearly every seriously ill patient is over the age of 80. Most have serious underlying conditions like COPD or end stage renal disease. The one who died on Sunday was 92 years old and had COPD.

This Omicron variant seems to be a lot milder than previous strains, but MUCH more contagious. There are over 100 hospital employees out with COVID as we speak, but the symptoms appear to be somewhat similar to a bad cold for most people.

The problem for me is that I have two employees out with it, one of whom had to be sent home an hour into her shift. She had mild symptoms (cough, fatigue, runny nose) but there is no way she can stay at work with a positive test, so I went in to cover part of her shift on Sunday and on Monday. That means I worked my normal 12 hour shift plus four hours of hers. Two days in a row.

Hence, blogging had to take a back burner. Don’t feel too bad. I get a weekend shift differential plus a cash bonus to work extra shifts. Plus, as soon as I hit 40 hours, I get time and a half. It’s only the second day of the week, and I already have over 35 hours on the clock. It will be a good paycheck, at least.

Tracking You

Remember when the Biden administration said there would be no federal database to track your vaccination status?
He lied. Again.
Here comes a tracking system, sponsored by OSHA. National ID card system. I am sure that illegal immigrants will be exempt.

NIH Fail

Here we are, over 600 days into “two weeks to stop the spread” and the director of the NIH holds a press conference to, well, just watch it for yourself. This is what your tax dollars have bought you:

Speaking of Science

Orange County Florida is reporting that COVID is in the sewer. They have been wasting money on analyzing shit for months. I am just wondering what data they are getting that isn’t being obtained by simply looking at the number of positive results from individual testing.

There is a lot of reporting about how the CDC is advising against going on cruises. The reason for this, it is claimed, is putting so many people in such a small area increases the likelihood of infection. I say bullshit. Let the math speak for itself:

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas has over 3 million square feet of deck space while carrying 8,300 passengers and crew. That works out to 361 square feet per person.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is 4.7 million square feet in area, and has a capacity of 90,000 guests. This works out to 52 square feet per person. The CDC doesn’t have a problem with theme parks.

What about aircraft? Passengers on commercial aircraft are crammed in with less than 10 square feet per person. The CDC has little problem with flying.

Theme parks are roughly 7 times more crowded than a cruise ship, and no one has to prove vaccine status or have a negative COVID test in order to enter theme parks. Planes are even worse. The CDC is targeting cruise lines, but not airlines or theme parks. Like everything else COVID related, it isn’t about science or facts, it’s about control and political favors.