The NFAC member who shot the cop? His family wants answers. They claim that he was sitting there minding his own business when a cop harassed him for no reason, and that the critter was just defending himself.

In cases like this, I like to look at the criminal history of those involved, so I took myself to the website of the Volusia county clerk to see if I could find a criminal history for the NFAC member. His name is Othal Wallace, and…

In Volusia county alone, he has a criminal history going back 8 years. I would note that his criminal history certainly goes much further back in history, since the earliest charge I could find for him was in 2013, and is listed as his 8th offense for driving with knowledge that is license is suspended or revoked.

Even so, Volusia county’s court records state that he has 5 felony arrests for aggravated battery with a firearm, domestic violence, being a habitual offender of driving on a suspended license, resisting arrest, and fleeing and eluding police.

He also has 14 misdemeanor arrests. Most of those are for punching women, driving with a suspended license, crashing into other vehicles while driving with a suspended license, running from the cops while driving with a suspended license, and crashing into other vehicles while running from the cops while driving with a suspended license. For many of these charges, he was also arrested because he didn’t bother coming to court to face any of the above charges.

Also, he has at least three different children with two different women (both of whom he has battered).

In short, he is a violent criminal who has no regard for the law, other people, or in fact anyone other than himself. He then blames white people for his situation and standing in life, because systemic racism or something.

He has convictions for domestic violence and for felonies. This makes him a prohibited person. The fact that he is pictured with firearms as a part of the NFAC and that he shot a cop should mean Federal firearms charges, but we all know it won’t. Instead, the FBI is all concentrating on investigating people for non violent crimes like trespassing in the capitol and raiding the wrong house while looking for Nancy Pelosi’s missing laptop.

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why · June 29, 2021 at 10:53 am

I’ve always been of the mind that all of the information is presented, including background. IF any family/friends still defend, then they too are investigated with conspiracy charges filed.

    Toastrider · June 29, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    No. We don’t do sippenhaft. That’s a wokeist thing.

    You have evidence of a crime, then fine, charge them. But you don’t gin up a crap conspiracy charge for someone defending their family.

Yep · June 30, 2021 at 11:50 am

Guess I’ve been a “wokeist” before the term existed. I’m biased though, based off prior experience. When a “family” aggressively “defends” their “good boy who was turning his life around” when there is a pattern of criminal activity, the root needs to be dug out.

I’m NOT talking about “ginning up” charges…..I AM talking about exploring ALL factors. And yes, I know parents aren’t usually responsible for adult children…..or vice versa

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