Most of the time, when a mass shooting happens, we find out that quite a few people knew that the person doing the shooting was displaying all sorts of worry behavior. In every one of these cases, one of several things turn out to be the case: no one reported it, or someone reported it, but authorities did nothing, or some authority didn’t follow the procedures that needed to be followed.

The shooting in Uvalde was no exception. It turns out that he was threatening people with violence, as well as being known for torturing and killing animals.

On one social media app, several people reported him for sending threats and just making some downright creepy comments. Since he wasn’t supporting conservative causes, the platform didn’t see fit to take any action. In other cases, people heard what he said and just didn’t report it.

“He would threaten everyone,” she said. “He would talk about shooting up schools but no one believed him, no one would think he would do it.”

His acquaintances knew him as someone who would catch, torture, and kill cats before carrying their mutilated bodies around in a plastic bag.

People knew all of this, yet no one reported it. Background checks don’t do any good if people don’t report things in a person’s background that will disqualify them.

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Chris · May 31, 2022 at 6:36 am

Stop talking Facts.
They have No Business in the Gun Control “CONvertsaySHOWn”

Steve S · May 31, 2022 at 9:39 am

Knowledge is worthless unless used. Heard that somewhere. Harsh, but also remember something along the lines of stop crying, you all knew about it and did nothing. Nothing.

D · May 31, 2022 at 1:38 pm

It’s a double-edged sword.

Teenagers are frequently insane on a normal day. Hormones, relationships, and various stupid stresses. I remember being two-years out of high school and thinking to myself “What the fsck was the big deal? They made it seem like this was the pinnacle of life and high school was insanely important/critical.” That added a *ton* of stress. Turns out it’s 100% not important. Thanks stupid government education system.

Anyways, what parent is going to “snitch” on their kids for being depresses and/or suicidal? We’ve all seen the videos. “My kid is suicid*BANG*BANG*BANG* Uh..he was reaching for a weapon.”

No parent wants that. So you do what you can to help them. Talk, maybe counseling, etc…

Most kids get through it just fine. A few don’t. Do you think the ones that are truly insane are going to “get caught” by parents or psychologists? Maybe some of them will…but not all of them will.

Hell–one of my neighbors growing up was a bit…insane. He would trap neighborhood cats, then bury them up to their neck, and run them over with a lawnmower. Utterly despicable. No one did anything about it.

Fast forward 30 years and he’s an upstanding member of society, married, has kids, has a great job, etc… He even owns guns and does target shooting. He doesn’t hunt. Maybe that’s because of his past…who knows?

Anyways, seems completely normal…but if the government were involved when he was a kid, his life would probably look a *lot* worse.

The one kid in town that *everyone* knew was a problem (even his parents were scared of him) got away with everything and anything–because he was sneaky as hell. He ended up killing someone by throwing someone off a 60 foot bridge. No guns involved at all.

So given that parents usually won’t rat out their kids–or the parents that should know there’s a problem are frequently in denial, and psychologists can’t always identify that stuff (because who would go to a psychologist if they knew this one doctor could potentially destroy their life with a phone call if they didn’t like you), there really seem to be two options:

1. Attempt to ban all guns because you never know when someone’s going to be a psychopath.

2. Stop restricting and out-right violating rights. Anyone and everyone can get a gun. When psychopaths happen (a very small minority of individuals), the rest of us can stop it.

    Big Ruckus D · May 31, 2022 at 4:17 pm

    Excellent points, all. I’ll add one more: even in an extreme outlier case where a parent (and/or psychotherapist) lights up a certifiable wack job for further scrutiny, the system will fail to do anything useful in almost all cases. Lots of social workers, therapists, in-patient so called treatment centers, doctors and prescription drugs (with careers and profits made on all of it along the way) but no actual solutions – if such even exists – which for genuine sociopaths is probably a pipe dream.

    Thus, even with proper recognition of a serious problem individual, the people charged with the professional responsibility for “solving the problem” will never, in point of fact, do sweet fuckall to that end. Now add a further wrinkle to all this in our post modernist hellscape: if the individual identified as a loose cannon is of one of the specific ultra-sanctified victim classes – blacks, mestizos, transfaggots (among others), they will be given carte blanche to fuckup seriously and repeatedly by the very same system that was supposed to be managing and treating (or institutionalizing) them for the protection of society at large.

    We keep seeing exactly that happen again and again. The pattern couldn’t be more obvious, though of course merely to see it, much less point it out to others, is racist, or some such bullshyte. It is now official (if still off the books) policy to turn them loose if they are a member of one of the exalted classes of human scum, so they can sow further destruction.

    Even under ideal circumstances, I don’t think there is a practical way to insure these fuckups are reliably contained before they go off and cause mayhem. Therefore, the best we can hope for is that there are people who have the tools (guns) and testicular fortitude to deal with them on a reactive basis, as proactive mitigation is obviously a lost cause in western soceity as it is presently set up.

    Of course, that then leaves the impromptu hero open to being crushed by a system that will not tolerate courageous and independent individuals laying waste to the shitbags who perpetrate events like mass shootings, because reasons. And that is why the system itself must be destroyed, so that any good guys who step up to handle that which the ruling class minions didn’t, won’t be made an example of by the sonsabitches that blatantly abuse our justice system against us.

      D · May 31, 2022 at 4:57 pm

      Good point!

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